Becoming an intercultural teacher

Hello and welcome to the start page of my personal e-portfolio 'Becoming an intercultural teacher'!

I am 24-years old Master of Education student Philipp and would like to give you a shortcut of what you are going to read through the following pages.

At the moment I am still studying Spanish and History at the Kiel University to become a secondary school teacher. In the context of proPIC, an Erasmus+ project running till 2020 that is dedicated to teachers as learners and their media supported collaborative professional development in terms of second language learning and teaching, we were asked to work out an e-portfolio. This serves as a platform for reflecting about practices and digital learning tools in second/foreign language teaching and learning. Furthermore a research project to contribute to these subjects will be presented and the e-portfolio allows to save my personal development during the proPIC-course as well as my previous and future career as a learner and a teacher-to be. This is why I also included a tab called YFU (Youth For Understanding) where a recent experience in teaching a group of Latin American exchange students is described, but is still in progress.

If certain aspects refer to significant institutions or homepages, on each page you can click these buttons below to get to the correspondent page.

I hope you will enjoy reading it - please don't doubt contacting me in case of any questions.

Links & Literature

Here you can find links to get in contact with the participating institutions or with my person as well as information about literature and sources.