Jorge Becerra

Mount Etna, Sicily (2022)

I am a PhD student on Knot Theory at the Department of Mathematics of Groningen University (The Netherlands), under the supervision of Roland van der Veen. My PhD project is about universal quantum knot and tangle invariants.  I am also interested in related topics in low-dimensional topology.

Next autumn I will  start as a postdoc at the Université de Bourgogne (France), in the research group of Lukas Woike.

Previously I did my Master's degree at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) with Lennart Meier, and my Bachelor's degree at University of Extremadura (Spain) with Juan A. Navarro.

Here is my CV.

Contact: (pronouns he/his/him)

Bernouilliborg, room 493

Nijenborgh 9, 9747 AG, Groningen (The Netherlands)