Congratulations on your pregnancy!

My name is Bec, and as a doula my hope and heart for you is that you feel supported, encouraged, equipped and empowered throughout your birth and while adjusting to life with a new child.

Having a doula present enables you to feel supported during this important transition in life. This applies whether it is your first child and it’s all totally new to you, or even if you’ve done this three times before, since each pregnancy and birth is unique.

A doula’s role is to provide physical and emotional support throughout the birth of your child. I envision my role in the following areas.


As your birth doula, I am there to support you from the time you need me at the birth until a couple of hours after the birth, as you get settled in postpartum. I support you with physical comfort measures such as positioning for comfort and to encourage progress, massage with essential oils which I can also diffuse, access to a TENS machine, rebozo use and other valuable support such as ambience of the room and making sure you are fed and watered. Please know that I will support you regardless of the choices you make surrounding the labor and birth.


I am there not only to encourage the mother but also the partner as you navigate labor and birth together. I am part of your cheer team, ready to offer words of encouragement, reassurement and support to help you focus and be present in the moment.


I will help you feel prepared for the birth by meeting with you prenatally to discuss your birth plan, options during the labor and comfort measures. After the birth, I will meet with you to help with breastfeeding, answer any questions you may have and connect you with any further support you may need. I am also happy to support and answer your questions along the way via email and text.


As I support, encourage and equip you, it enables you to feel empowered throughout the experience no matter what your birth may look like. I am there to help you advocate for your birth plan and remind you of the risks and benefits to any decision you may have to make under the guidance of your care team. However, ultimately these are your decisions to make and I will support you in your choices.