Ben Bramble

I’m a moral philosopher at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.


I am a Lecturer at the Fenner School of Environment & Society. I am also an Affiliated Member of the School of Philosophy. I am also a Mission Specialist and Space Ethicist at ANU's Institute for Space (InSpace)

In 2019-2020, I was a Laurance S. Rockefeller Fellow at Princeton University. In 2018, I was a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. I have held tenured lectureships at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Liverpool, where I was a Senior Lecturer.

Select Journal Articles


1.     Against Flesh: Why We Should Eschew (Not Chew) Lab-Grown and 'Happy' Meat”, forthcoming in New Omnivorism (Routledge, 2023).

2.     “Passé Pains”, Midwest Studies in Philosophy (2022).

3.     “The Defective Character Solution to the Non-Identity Problem”, The Journal of Philosophy (2021).

4.     “Unknown Pleasures”, Philosophical Studies (2019).

9.     “Evaluative Beliefs First”, Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics (vol.7) (2018).

10.  “Evolutionary Debunking Arguments and Our Shared Hatred of Pain”, Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (2017).

11.  “A New Defense of Hedonism about Well-Being”, Ergo (2016)

12.  “The Experience Machine”, Philosophy Compass (2016)

13.  “On Susan Wolf’s ‘Good-For-Nothings’”, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (2015)

14.  “Consequentialism about Meaning in Life”, Utilitas (2015)

17.  “On William James’s ‘Is Life Worth Living?’”, Ethics (2014).

18.  “Whole-Life Welfarism”, American Philosophical Quarterly (2014). (Winner of the APA’s 2015 Routledge, Taylor & Francis Prize.)

19.  “The Distinctive Feeling Theory of Pleasure”, Philosophical Studies (2013).



For latest drafts of the following papers, please email me:


Can We Justify Punishment?

The Ethics of Space Tourism

Making Miserable Beings

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Truly Creative?

The Epistemic Objection to Consequentialism