Google Geo: Connect your Students to the World!

These are some great anticipatory set type of games that can be used to increase awareness of where we are, where we hope to be and what the world looks like.

Anticpatory Sets: Get 'em Hooked


Recently updated to be web ready, Google Earth is just simply one of the most powerful tools available to teacher's and students. Built using the power of Google's connected computers it is the first tool to show a view of the Earth from a space based perspective.

The passion project of the Google Earth Team. The Earth Engine is a cloud based platform that uses geospatial data to combine and create incredible visualizations of our planet.

An ambitious project started in 2007 to provide street level view of major cities. Streetview is now a community project using the tools many of us carry in our pocket. More and more of the world is now available to anyone with a connection to the web.

Cardboard is another example of a successful 20% project. An inexpensive VR viewer to encourage the growth in the platform, Cardboard has taken off and inspired a whole range of innovations.


Have students create content right on an interactive and dynamic map of the world. MyMaps is included in Google Drive and has the collaboration tools familiar to other Google Drive services.

Collaborative Map Project

My Maps - State Park Project

Even More...

Gigapixel Project - A collection of detailed scanned artworks from museums around the world.

Places - Exhibits based on geographic locations