Four C's Design Sprint

Santa Rosa - Four C's Primer

A quick grounding in the concept of 4C's and how it relates to our understanding of literacy. I also include a framework for considering our practice similar to SAMR known as RAT.

Four C's - Partnership for 21st Learning

RAT Primer - Dr. Joan Hughes


As simple as share settings - use the ability of any variety of services within Google to be make an assignment public.

Replacement - Use a form to collect ideas and share the aggregate of their thinking .

Amplification - Create a class gallery/shared blog spaces to highlight student work

Transformation - Publicize and provide a space for publication for student's work.

Example - Fable Project


It is the core of all these shared tools. Those opportunities that are enhanced by group learning can be extended.

Replacement - Occasionally require students to set up the proper share settings.

Amplification - Share a presentation with an entire class

Transformation - Go big! Find and connect with another teacher in a different part of the state, country or world. Connected Classroom Community

Example - Moodle Moot!

Critical Thinking

The most readily accessible is search. There are a variety of search tools that teachers and students should use regularly.

Replacement - Use search tools and/or try the Explore tool in Drive

Amplification - Advanced Search

Transformation - Search Institute Self Paced Course

Example - Advanced search activity - International Codes


Flexible enough to provide a space for creativity on their own, there is also a variety of tools that can be added to, or accessed through our Google account.

Replacement - Image editing in Docs and Slides has improved. Use and require students to use some of the basic formatting features built in.

Amplification - Extend beyond Drive and try some creativity tools.

Image Editing

Sound Recording

Video Editing

Transformation - Ultimately, that's between the teacher and the student. There are great opportunities and powerful tools available to enhance creativity


Quest: Incorporate all 4C's in 25 minutes or less?