Hair Extensions That Look Epic Instead Of Eeew

Are you the kind of a girl who has naturally short hair and hair extensions tend to look eeew on you? There are still some epic hair extensions that you can try out. But you will have to understand that not all hair extensions can allow some of the hairstyles you have been dying to have. That is why choosing the right kind for your head is very important. You have to go for the one that looks epic. The one that brings out the utmost beauty in you.

Here are a variety of hair extensions you may want to try out:

Tape hair extensions:

These are the currently trending hair extensions and you will not lack them in your favorite hair salon. They are less costly and takes an average of 1 hour to apply and about 15 minutes to remove. Again, they are thin with and come in packs of a width of about 1.5 inches, making it very easy to maintain. Once applied, they do not pull on your scalp. They actually grow with your natural hair, making them less damaging. You can reuse these extensions for a maximum of 4 times in a year. Also, since they are also not easily visible, you can wear them with almost any hairstyle; e.g ponytails, braids, etc.

Fusion Hair extensions:

These give a professional, realistic and human like looking hair. They come in bundles of at least 20 strands each and the strands are tipped with natural keratin. If you look at them closely, you will realize that the tip is square in shape. Most heads would require 5 to 9 bundles.Attaching the extensions is done using hot or cold micro bead fusion and once completed, it can last for a maximum of 8 weeks and it can be reused up to 4 times over the 8 weeks.To remove the fusion hair extensions, you will only require a keratin bond remover, which is an alcohol based solution used to break the adhesives so as to loosen the bonds. After applying the keratin bond remover, the keratin bonds can easily be broken using a hair extension tool after which the extension simply slides off.

Microlink hair extensions:

These are also referred to as the loop hair extensions. They are quite different from the other types of hair extensions. Instead of coming in bundles, they come in many pieces of hair strands. Every hair strand comes with a link where your hair is put through and clamped down.Since no adhesives are used when attaching the extensions, they are easy to remove since you only need to unclamp for you to remove them.Also, you can reuse the extensions for up to a year without damaging your hair. Once your hair grows out, you simply remove the them and reattach again.The only con is that they take quite some time to attach and if loosely attached they may come off. They therefore require a lot of care when applying.