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Beauty Salon in Watford

Welcome to Create Your Beauty! A holistic beauty salon & spa located in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Here at create your beauty Watford, we take a very wholesome and personalised approach when it comes to pampering and helping to rejuvenate our customers.

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No matter your mood whether you require a quick dropin beauty treatment after a hard day of work or an even harder day of shopping, a complete full body makeover for a special occasion such as weddings, birthdays or modelling shoots we offer a huge selection of premium quality services to suit your every need. We make the everyday stress fade away while a complementary hot drink on arrival and receive professional consultation prior to each session to make sure you are choosing the service that benefits your uniqueness the most. That's why we are called Create your beauty after all because it's all about molding our services around you.

Get the decadent treatment you truly deserve, feel relaxed, revitalised and at peace!

Beauty salons Watford

We believe in feel incredible in and out and the synergy which is required to make that possible.

That's why we offer such a wide variation of treatments incorporating both beauty treatments and relaxation treatments. Uniquely we are one of the only locations in Watford that offer flotation tank therapy (also known as a sensory depravation tank).

We help you escape the stress of everyday life and let you relax into facial treatments, nail treatments, tanning treatments and a wide range of massage services thanks to having massage professionals on the team. Our fully trained staff make every experience something that will restore you to a stronger more energised version of yourself.

Beauty treatments Watford

At out Watford based beauty Salon is only a 5 minute drive away from Watford city centre.

We do not offer hair dressing services however we are happy to make you some recommendations as we network extensively in the area and consider ourselves experts when it comes to the beauty industry.

What our professional beauty staff provide is an extensive range of face and body treatments including:

Facial cleansing, skin massaging and skin toning

A beauty make over session including health and make up advice

Eyebrow shaping and tinting as well as eyelash maintenance.

Nail treatments such as manicures, pedicures as well as nail art and nail extensions.

The removal of both facial & body hair in any undesired places.

Advanced electro-therapy treatment which helps improve body composition and muscle density.

Non-invasive skin treatments to rejuvenate your skin without the need for surgery.

Both UV and spray tanning services are available at out Watford salon.

Laser Hair Removal in Watford

We provide the latest technology using the amazing 3D Ultimate trilogy ice device. The perfect hair removal solution, our laser hair removal treatment rids you of undesired hair through a gentle and cooling application. The melanin of the hair follicle absorbs light pulses emitted by the device, this then destroys the pigment of the follicle effectively nullifying hair growth in the area. A course of 6-8 treatments is usually required as hair grows in phases and not all of your hair follicles are in the active growth (anagen stage) at the same time. Laser hair removal is part of our new skin clinic range of treatments which provide our clients with the latest non-surgical treatments for aesthetic improvements.

Book you consultation for hair removal with lasers and we'll find a time for you to come in and have you patch test to check your skin for sensitivity and so that we can calibrate our device for optimal results . Treatment can be more successful with darker hair types as it makes it easier for our devices to find your follicles however as our laser devices uses 3 different wavelengths including a YAG laser wave length it means we can target all hair types across all skin types.

An unexpected benefit for some but the laser hair removal procedure can also help improve the pigmentation of your skin by evening out light or dark spots.

We offer laser hair removal for men, women and transgender. The minimal age for laser hair removal is 14 years old.

laser hair removal Watford

Waxing Watford

As well as beauty treatments we also offer a wide range of massage services in Watford including:

Deep tissue massage

Sports massage

Swedish massages

Aromatherapy massage

Pregnancy massage

Reflexology massages

If you are unsure of what type of massage therapy is most suitable for your current condition then we may advice you to consult with your doctor before coming to see us in Watford.

So what is the definition of a beauty salon?

It may seem obvious but due to the many different types of beauty salons many people are left wondering what in fact constitutes such a business. With that said beauty salons do offer all kinds of different health and beauty services for the clients well being. It is true some beauty salons cut hair and some tend to focus more on the relaxation side similar to a spa.

Can I buy beauty products from a salon?

It is come for beauty salons to also stock popular brands of items such as hair shampoos and tanning spray, acrylic nails and different types of skin care products such as moisturisers etc.

It may be helpful to buy from your local salon as you can receive some professional recommendations on the products you purchase as they will have extensive knowledge in the area.

What is deep tissue massage?
Beauty Salon Watford and massage therapy
Beauty Salon in Watford & Massage Therapy
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