Beautiful Boxes Make Any Valentine's Day Celebration Even More Special

Valentine's Day is a special celebration devoted to love. People have the opportunity to tell others they love them and care about their life and feelings. When it comes to creating a wonderful day, many people want to give that special someone a terrific gift. One of the best ways to do so is with the help of a beautiful box. A lovely box not only serves to keep any gift in fabulous shape even before it arrives to be unwrapped. A well done box can be part of the gift, allowing the gift recipient a sense of delight the second they see the box in person. These designs are fun ways to show a loved one you've taken a lot of thought as you decided to wrap things up.

Chevrons are Fun

Give your candy boxes an updated look with lots of fun zigzag patterns. The chevron is one way to make a bold statement at holiday time. They'll fit well on any bag whether larger or small. You can use a pre-made design or opt for one of your own creation for more homemade pizzazz.

Bakery Boxes Made New Again

The bakery box is a true classic. Everyone is familiar with this kind of box. Take advantage of this lovely form and make it updated and modern right in time for Valentine's Day. You can go with bold colors that really stand out like dramatic black or vivid shapes of blue. Then, it's time to use ribbons to wrap it all up. Tie the entire package with gingham ribbons in red and white for a touch of Valentine's Day flair. Make sure the box is easy to unwrap.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are one of the most recognizable of all patterns. They're also right in style for this season. Take the standard polka dot idea and use white on a backdrop of red. You can also turn it inside out with red dots on a white background. The polka dots say playful and yet they also say something that's going to be sophisticated and elegant. Large dots or small, each works well.

Go With Burlap

Bring out the subtle texture of natural materials with the use of burlap. Burlap makes the ideal way to wrap your present. The fabric has an inviting feel that speaks of time outside in the sun. It's also easy to use to wrap any sized box quickly. Pair the burlap with large ribbons. The ribbons offer contrast that makes the entire box stand out in a crowd and says this is something that people will love once they open it up.

Stamp The Box

Create your own special and unique design with the use of stamps. Stamping makes it easier than ever to create something that has a personal touch. You can create your own at home using simple materials you have around the house. For example, take a potato and boil it. Let cool and cut out your design. Use the design with any kind of box material. Paper takes color and keeps it there once it dries. After you're done stamping the bag, add a special touch to the finished product. Wrap the top with a bright red and white ribbon.