The Cognitive Neuroscience of Creativity Laboratory (CNCL) at Penn State University studies the psychology and neuroscience of creative thinking. Our lab uses behavioral and brain imaging methods to examine how fundamental cognitive systems (e.g., memory, attention, and cognitive control) contribute to people's ability to generate new ideas and solve complex problems.

**Dr. Beaty will be recruiting graduate students for Fall 2020**

For information about the cognitive psychology program at Penn State, and instructions on how to apply, visit the Psychology Department website. Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Beaty before submitting an application (rebeaty@psu.edu).

Lab News

  • 8/2019: Yvette Graveline will join the lab this fall as our new lab manager. Welcome, Yvette!
  • 8/2019: Dr. Beaty discussed the lab's research on the neuroscience of creative thinking on the "All in the Mind" podcast.
  • 8/2019: The National Science Foundation funded our grant proposal, with Adam Green (Georgetown) and Mariale Hardiman (Johns Hopkins), submitted to the Division of Research on Learning: "Measuring and Enhancing Scientific Creative Thinking for STEM Education and Research: Classroom-Aligned Assessment and Network Neuroscience-Based Mechanisms"
  • 8/2019: New paper published in NeuroImage: "Brain hemispheric involvement in visuospatial and verbal divergent thinking"
  • 5/2019: New preprint: "Executive and default network connectivity reflects conceptual interference during creative imagery generation"
  • 5/2019: New paper published in Cerebral Cortex: "Brain entropy is associated with divergent thinking"
  • 4/2019: New paper published in NeuroImage: "Large-scale network interactions involved in dividing attention between the external environment and internal thoughts to pursue two distinct goals"
  • 4/2019: New paper published in NeuroImage: "Creativity slumps and bumps: Examining the neurobehavioral basis of creativity development during middle childhood"
  • 4/2019: Dr. Beaty became a member of the graduate faculty in Neuroscience at Penn State.
  • 4/2019: Hannah Merseal will join the lab this fall as our first graduate student. Hannah studied psychology and music as an undergraduate at Wheaton College. Welcome, Hannah!
  • 3/2019: New paper published in PACA: "Creativity assessment in neuroscience research."
  • 3/2019: Qunlin Chen (Postdoc, Southwest U) will join the lab this summer as a visiting scholar. Qunlin's research examines cognitive and neural mechanisms of creativity, with a focus on individual differences. Welcome, Qunlin!
  • 2/2019: Emily Frith (PhD candidate, U Mississippi) will join the lab this summer as a visiting scholar. Emily's research examines links between health behavior and cognition, including creative thinking. Welcome, Emily!
  • 1/2019: Dr. Beaty is a 2019 recipient of the Daniel E. Berlyne Award from Division 10 of the American Psychological Association.