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How do you grow a full beard?

Beards have been around for a while. And we do not mean the three-day stubble. No, the real long full beard, that's what this article is about. How do you get such a long beard and how do you take care of it. In this article we discuss the possibilities to speed up the growth speed of your beard and in part 2 we discuss how a beard should be cared for .

What to do to get a quicker and fuller beard?

A beard grow in principle is not that difficult. First, you just have to leave your beard and secondly you have to take care of him. There will be a certain point that your beard may not look great, because then it is too long for a nicely groomed stubble and too short for a nice full beard. But yes, you have to go through that for a while or you have to protect yourself from the outside world for a while.

How long does it take to grow a full beard? Unfortunately, that is not to say, since it is rather personal. Each man has his own genetically determined maximum growth rate of his beard. But you can exercise some influence on the growth process. How? In short: a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, sports and enough rest. Keep reading if you want to know the details!

1. Nutrition:

The somewhat controversial Paleo diet plan would have a positive effect on the stimulation of hair growth. What is Paleo? Okay, very briefly.

The Paleo diet is a food or lifestyle rather, where people eat as our ancestors more than ten thousand years ago. In practice, this means that you eat more meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and eat less carbohydrates in the form of grains, potatoes, rice and the like, and dairy is also avoided.

2. Sports:

By hanging on the weights in the gym, testosterone is produced in your body and this hormone is linked to the hair growth of men. Combine exercises in which you grab large muscle groups, such as squats and deadlifts, with occasional cardio.

3. Rest:

Enough sleep is very important for many things. Not only to recover those broken trained muscles, but also for hair growth. Try to take 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night in a darkened room. Some people need more (or less) than others, but the more the better.

4. Patience:

Yes, it is a bit of an open door, but it is perhaps the most important of the four. A full beard does not let you grow in 1 day. Most men do not at least. So take your time and try to pay attention to your lifestyle during that time.

High-quality food sources such as proteins and good fats would ensure faster hair growth. Sugar, on the other hand, works against this process. So watch your food when you work towards a fuller beard!

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