Keep your Beard on the Line

The modest beard that covered the bottom of my face a while ago is no longer. Thank God. After many growth attempts, I managed to grow a hairy companion. No more beard that a boy would wear in his puberty, but a beard that I can be proud of as a man. It was a process of trial and error, because it took me a year before my beard was as far as it is now. The previous times I often went wrong, because before the month was over I cut my human bonsai tree again. Half a year ago I forced myself to grow my beard undisturbed for two months, which is a requirement for a full beard. This gave some stubborn blades the time to disassociate from the rest. On bath beard days my beard looked like the IPO of the AEX. Full of peaks and valleys. Nevertheless, I am extremely satisfied that I have endured the outer torment. I have a beard!

A tight beard line is also the make or crackle of facial hair. All the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into a perfectly shaped beard can instantly erase a crooked beard line. The bad thing about these hairs is that they have their own will. No beard oil or balm can ensure that these stubborn rascals stay in line. So you camp with a beard that belongs in the homeless shelter. The only solution to counter this is to trim the trade. However, this sounds easier than it is. I know from experience that a beard line can easily be ruined. Shaving too high creates a strange-looking beard. Shaving too low does not solve the original problem. Fortunately, I have found the right way through many experiments. Warts Treatment Option

Two ways - For me there are two ways that work:

Start by visualizing a smooth line from the back of your auricle to just above your Adam's apple. From there you draw the line further to the back of your other auricle. Hereby you keep a tight, but subtle curve and your beard looks neat and trimmed from all sides.

The second way is more effective for me. Instead of visualizing it, you take a pen, pen or eye pencil, it is just what you have available. Look yourself straight in the mirror and draw the on your neck line as I mentioned earlier. Everything that is below this limit is ripe for your razor. It is important that you can take it more spaciously. You can always update small irregularities afterwards. If you shave too much, it is difficult to repair that without ruining your line. naitrechezsoidotcom

Shrinked Beard

You can also draw a line from the corners of your jaw to the bottom of your chin. Your jaw line is considerably accentuated, which can be experienced as positive for some. However, something will appear that I call a shrunken beard. He seems too small for your face, as if they did not have your size of beard anymore. A shrunken beard also emphasizes your double chin in a strange way. This dangles under your chin like the fat roll of a seated person in a too small shirt. And that, in my opinion, is not the desired effect.

Of course these are only guidelines, because like the shape of your beard, his line is also a matter of taste. Experiment with the lines of your beard as you do with its shape. If after several times you still have not succeeded in a tight beard border, as that went with me, make yourself comfortable and visit a barber. With these experts it is the first time. Best Eyelashes Collection

Why do men with blond or brown hair get a red beard?

If you look outside on the street, something is noticeable. Men have embraced the beard; short or long, full or fine, they love it! But, sometimes you see men with a blonde or brown hair and a red beard. How is that possible?

Your genes

The color of your hair is genetically determined and you can not change anything unless you paint it. It may even be the case that if your parents are both blond, but because over-over-grandparents have black hair, you also have black locks. It also means, for example, that the gene for black hair is not dominant over the rest, but that the genes that determine your hair color influence each other. So that way each has its own unique color hair.


The tint of your hair color depends largely on the amount of melanin that you have. Melanin is the same substance that determines how quickly you turn brown. You have two types of melanin, namely: eumelanin (which has a black pigment) and feomelanin (it has a red pigment). These two types of melanin together ensure that you have the hair color you have.

But what about your brown hair and a red beard? This is due to the gene MC1R that passes red hair, and often also a light skin. Do you get this gene from both parents? Then the chances are that you have a red hair and clear skin. Do you get this gene from one of your parents? Then it can be just that you have brown hair and red facial hair. Mystery solved!

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