Mr Bear election

Being Mr Bear Luxembourg 2016 made me meet so many great people. From the other misters at the first Mr. Bear Europe election to the Belgiums & German bears I learnt to know better, I will always remember good times of friendship and good will.

It was a year full of opportunity : follow the lead of local party host we create a Bear & fetish party, I lead the collaboration between all the LGBT party host in Luxembourg to organize the 1st closing party for the gay pride in years, I really pushed the put light on our community. Was also great to work hand in hand with the other European's misters to fights for our human rights.

Even if my "mandate" is ending, I will continue to work for our community and their interest, closely with my bear friends all over the world.

- Thibault Milan, Mister Bear Luxembourg 2016


  1. You are identifying as male 🚹
  2. You are 18 yo at least 🔞
  3. You are identifying yourself as part of the bear community and want to represent it

✅If all yes, just keep scrolling and fill the form !

Prizes for all contestants

Prizes for the winner

Application are closed now !


Who can participate ?

Anyone guy who is more than 18 years old and work, live or study in Luxembourg.

Is is free to participate ?

Yes. And you don't have to pay for the election night attendance as well.

Should I need to be gay to participate ?

As long as you identify yourself as part of the Bear community, we're fine. Wherever you are in the panel of sexual or romantic preference.

Should I need to be a male ?

Yes. We don't care if you are ci-genre or not. It's just because it's "mister" bear title so ...

Can I keep the sash ?

You'll have the "Mr bear Luxembourg" big sash for the year but you'll have to pass it to the next Mr. next year. Therefore, you'll receive after winning another sash to keep, with the year of your election.

If I win, did I have any obligation ?


  • Participation to the Mr Bear Belgium or Cologne election night is mandatory. Bear Dukes Luxembourg will offer you the trip.
  • Participation to the next Mr. Bear Luxembourg election is mandatory, as well as participation to Gaymat.
  • We would like to see you representing the Luxembourg on international scene. That mean your participation to some bear events, at least in Belgium, Germany or France are much appreciate.

Is there some benefits to be Mr. Bear Luxembourg ?

  • Woof Luxembourg gonna offer you free entry for all their party if you come with your sash.
  • You gonna receive a sash for a year, and a sash to keep.
  • Bear Dukes Luxembourg will offer you the trip to Bruxelles, accommodation is offered by the Belgium Bear, for the Mr. Bear Belgium election.

I still have question, can I contact you ?

For sure, feel free to email us or reach the Mr. Bear Luxembourg 2016 on Messenger.

Is there a regulation or something ?

Of course there is. Here's the english version and the french one.