License Renewal

Teacher License Renewal Information

Please be aware of the following:

1) The official packet for license renewal is available here.

2) The deadline for renewal is May 19, 2017. Please make sure all of your forms are submitted the appropriate Continuing Education Committee member by this date.

3) DO NOT submit hours via Keep Certified. Keep Certified will track SOME in-district professional development. If you did not register for the professional development via Keep Certified, you must still submit documentation of attendance in hard-copy to the committee (powerpoint, agendas, certificate, transcript, etc...) when you submit all your paperwork in the year you are up for relicensure.

4) You must print off your Keep Certified "transcript" and submit this with your paperwork to the Continuing Education Committee.

5) When you submit your paperwork for renewal, please be sure to include your file folder number on the paperwork.

6) DO NOT pay for your license on the Department of Education website until your have gotten your paperwork back from the Continuing Education Committee. If you pay in advance of approval, you will have to contact the Department of Education and have your license unlocked before approval of your credits and your license can be renewed.

7) There has been an addition for licensure requirements for everyone renewing after June 30, 2015. As a Continuing Education Committee, we must ensure that the reflective statements provided by all teachers for the purposes of license renewal include evidence of growth in the area of English Language Learners. Please be sure to include this information in your reflective statement. Please see the attached information from the Department of Education for clarification about this new requirement.

8) Have questions? Contact:

Lori Maidment-Continuing Education Committee Chair, x2416 or

or Wendy Drugge-BEA President, x6050 or

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