Beanstalk Bridges

Welcome to Beanstalk Bridges!

We specialize in aesthetic catenary bridges and other adventure designs. Beanstalk Bridges occasionally takes on projects that Beanstalk Builders  is unable to schedule. All profits go to “The American Adventure Service Corps”. TAASC was created in 1996 by Mike Fischesser, founder of the Beanstalk companies. TAASC is a year-round, coed, wilderness based, experiential education program open to all youth ages 6 to 18. 


Beanstalk Bridges are catenary spans not requiring large towers on each end. Locust logs are used to guide the supportive cables. Typical spans are 25’ to 150’ and longer. Base price is $25K up to 25’. After 25’ the price is $1K per foot depending on location, access and other factors. 


Another popular design for both residential and commercial settings are Sky Hammocks, which are large nets suspended close to the ground for ease of access. The nets are made from thick 100% nylon ropes that last for years. Pricing varies due to travel, trees and access, but typical pricing might be $18K for a 16’ octagon shaped net, installed, with an entrance hole in the center. 

For some unexplainable reason, people of all ages are drawn to these nets and love hanging out in them for hours. 

We often recommend folks consider Sky Hammocks over a treehouse. The nets are way more fun and active than a passive treehouse. At first, a treehouse is cool, but several months later most kids are bored of it. Kids will develop strength and agility playing in the nets and they can be reconfigured over the years…the nets, not the kids…well, maybe the kids too!