Silver Anniversary

Beach Blast 2019

Twenty Fifth annual Harris Beach Blast

July 6 - 13, 2019

Sponsored by Harris Family Partners


The Crescent

50 Monaco Street

Miramar Beach, FL 32550-4010

Phone 850.654.9111

General Information:

The "Harris Family Partners" will once again sponsor the Silver Anniversary of the Harris Beach Blast (Number 25)! We'll be back at the Crescent for 2019 ... and this year (like last) we will be occupying the two four bedroom units to accommodate the somewhat huge Harris and Filbert clans! So we'll have the same assignments as last summer. Filbert #201, Harris #401, Anderson #406 and the Broadwells in #410.

Although the days are still Saturday to Saturday, the dates are now July 6 - 13 ... so unlike previous years, the celebration is moved to July.

2018 was a super fun year celebrating babies, babies, and more babies. Babies and beach go so well together.

For 2019 we look forward to children, children, and more children! Adeline will be the old pro celebrating her eighth trip to the beach (she is now proficient at the "donut run" to The Donut Hole). It will be Jackson's seventh visit (he knows everyone by now), and it will be the sixth visit to Destin for Miss Charli Ann while John MacKelvey will be there for the fifth time, and Miss Eloise will return for her fourth visit. And Ellen Harris MacKelvey will make a third visit. We're expecting great things from her this year. She didn't have many skills in 2018 since she was just eight weeks and all, but this year we have very high expectations.

Anna Lanier will be returning to the beach (accompanied by James Anderson) and we're expecting an update from her on exactly how a year with James has really been!! James and Anna met years ago when they both interned at Colgate, but they have been dating since the end of 2017. We suspect that Anna has been putting up with James for the past year only for the opportunity to return to the beach ... so be very sweet to her.

And Jackson Broadwell will be attending for at least a portion of the week since he has been selected to serve as a congressional intern during the summer 2019!!

Jackson, hopefully will be joining us as well ... but that depends on his summer internship. More on that later.

Russell will fill us in on the daily life of a Florida Wine Mogul.

This summer James Jordan will be rejoining us at the beach. Bring us some bacon if you can, James. Just sayin'. And Scott says that his office has decided that they can do without him for a week, so he'll be with us this year as well. So it appears that for the first time in several years, we may have everyone in attendance!!

Highlights for 2019 will include:

  • Welcome back Anna ... we're looking forward to seeing you again.
  • Congratulations to Erin and Jack and welcome to the newest baby Eby who is due for arrival around August 25, 2019!! So much more to be grateful for.
  • A toast to James and Ginny Jordan in celebration of their marriage on April 1
  • A daily baby memory game testing whether or not everyone over the age of 55 can remember the name of every baby. No cheating, and this one should be fun.
  • The graduate year ... exactly what is your Masters Degree going to be in, John??
  • And Russell has moved from Tennessee and into a new Florida apartment. So what's THAT like??
  • The addition of a new "night crabbing on the beach" event was a great success last year, so we'll do that again this year. The record number of crabs is currently held by Erin Eby.
  • The first night (Saturday) as we await tardy arrivals, we'll enjoy the traditional Broadwell-sponsored "Margaritas and dinner night". Jeanne will decide on the entree, but Margaritas are required.
  • As always, we'll begin the "real meal" with the traditional Texas beef BBQ dinner, hosted by the MacKelveys, and featuring a NEW Houston BBQ beef!! (and no ... having two young children does not constitute an excuse, so we are all counting on full participation and full BBQ bellies for all)
  • This week we'll be thinking of Grandpa and Momoo as we celebrate our Silver Anniversary celebration of 25 years of food, family, and fun at the beach.
  • The annual Donut Hole Run (executed as many times as possible ... or more ... by Adeline and Virginia) ... we all vote for MORE
  • T-shirt photo ... Bring all of your T-shirts from prior Blasts. Uncle Jack will be responsible for recruiting a victim ... (photographer) ... from poolside
  • A special Putt Putt outing to the Big Kahuna's (including the Krispy Kreme run) hosted by The Andersons (where's the booty?)
  • The traditional "Night of Beauty" is still on (we ALL look forward to that) including mani, pedi, and the ever popular ... highlighties (guys on the deck for cigars with Uncle Jack)
  • The eleventh annual Summer Water Olympics ...there were some great events and winners last year including the fun "Squid Throw Pro". And we will be looking towards seeing Adeline, Jackson, and Charli defend their titles. Eloise and John may be participating as well.
  • The Shrimp Boil / Margarita Monday night at the Harris, Jr. condo BYOB (Bring Your Own Bibb ) This will be great as always, and once again ... we will be DOUBLING the shrimp poundage since Scott will be returning this summer. Uncle Jack has prepared his chefs well, so Jackson and Russell will be taking over most of the chef responsibilities including the "Bacon Wrapped Delights" and "Awesome Andouille Shrimp". Sides will be provided by the Eby and Jarvis clans (work it out guys, but remember that the focus is on shrimp)
  • The wine tasting is moving into the capable hands of Mr. Russell Anderson. We all enjoyed the presentation last summer and we're thirsty for more in 2019!
  • A presentation by John Broadwell on "How to duck a real job for another two years".
  • A visit (or three) to the traditional Bayou Bill's Crab House at Santa Rosa Beach. We have been impressed with all the food and the service, but ... Alaskan king crab ... watch out!!
  • A "Rainy Day" visit (perhaps) to the Silver Sands Shopping Mall
  • Nightly visits to the hot tub ... UJ will ensure that the place is cleared of all non-BeachBlasters.
  • Presentations by the "new home society" of their Greatest "Moving into newly acquired home" challenges ... by James Anderson, the Jarvis' and the Filberts.
  • The annual "beer, cigar, and wisdom" meeting on the Harris balcony. As always, if you don't leave enlightened, it's your own fault.
  • Ad Hoc competitions
  • Another 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle ... this one was done by Sarah and it is of the entire crew from last year. We must continue our unbroken streak of ALWAYS completing the whole puzzle by Friday night!
  • The morning "Crossoff" including a "pre-crossoff SUDOKU" will still be held, hosted by the only person smart enough to do it ... get ready Ginger. And the rest of us will attend as well just to be amazed and to consume donuts.
  • And EVERY day ... food, fun, and catching up with those we love and haven't seen in too too long
Beach Blast Daily Schedule

Two Bedroom Unit: Sleeps Six ... Luxury accommodations right on the beach! Furnished with upgraded decor, washer/dryer, HDTVs, DVD and a well equipped kitchen.

Check-In: 4:00 PM Saturday July 6, 2019

Check-Out: 11:00 AM Saturday July 13, 2019

Drive through Gate Code: #0508

Walk through Gate Code: 8151

Gym: 3255

Resort Amenities at the Crescent:

  • Upgraded kitchen with granite counters, fully equipped
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling fans
  • Spacious balcony with breathtaking gulf view
  • Telephone, HDTV, DVD and wireless Internet access
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Whirlpool tub in Master Bath
  • Exercise / Workout facility
  • Game Room
  • Covered Parking
  • Heated Swimming Pool, Kiddie Pool, Hot Tub, Spa and Gazebo
  • Private Beach Boardwalk
Condo Assignments
Mobile Phones