BCW Group

About BCW

BCW began life as Boffins and Cold Warriors, the working title of an academic project about defence research in Canada during the Cold War by Dr. Jonathan Turner. There were four core elements of that academic project: bureaucratic history, organizational structure and culture, science and defence policy development and implementation, and the professional and career development of highly trained individuals. These four elements are at the heart of what I do at BCW.

From those humble beginnings I'm now offering consulting services in two core areas. First, I offer career and professional development for individuals, groups, and organizations. I focus particularly on working with people who have graduate and professional degrees.

Second, I deliver research and expertise on a number of pressing organizational, educational, and governmental policy and process questions. My areas of expertise are: organizational structures (especially in the public sector), graduate education and training, science/technology, and/or defence. I'm happy to research and write short pieces on organizational history.

About Me

I believe in helping people find the right advisor, consultant, speaker, or facilitator for their unique needs. I am based in Southern Ontario, and can serve local, national, or international clients. I offer a free initial meeting or phone/video call to learn more about you or your group or organization, so that I can either put together a package for you or refer you to someone who would better fit your needs.

I employ a feminist and inclusive model of practice.


Please send an email to Jonathan Turner with a clear explanation of your needs, including your preferred way for me to get in touch with you. I strive to respond within 48 hours.

I look forward to hearing from and working with you!