How do I foster math-to-math connections?


  • seek and highlight connections among mathematical strands and concepts
  • consider using instructional frames, such as “notice and wonder” about these connections and “compare and contrast” mathematical ideas and concepts
  • develop mathematical language
  • provide rich, open-ended tasks that involve multiple mathematical concepts and strategies
  • students investigate and create through exploration
  • deepen my professional understanding of foundational mathematical concepts across the developmental continuum


It is important to provide opportunities for students to connect mathematical ideas through rich learning experiences, learning to find the relationships between mathematical concepts.

Making Sense of Math by Cathy Seeley

Students need to "have a strong enough foundation and confidence to tackle problems that may not look like routine problems they have seen before - problems that may require them to think about relationships, connect mathematical ideas, and extend what they already know." p. 19

4 Relationships that will Increase Your Students' Number Sense free ebook by Christina Tondevold

An ebook examining four important number relationships and how they connect to build students' number sense

Kindergarten Circles and Patterns Math Provocation.pdf

A kindergarten teacher intentionally "mashes up" two mathematical ideas to support students in making math to math connections.