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BCCDA holds educational webinars every second Wednesday of the month. Webinar are free of charge to the professional members of the association, as well as member agencies.

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Time: 14. November 2018 – 12pm to 1.30pm

Title: Why the Five Stages of Grief Model is Problematic

Presenter: Dr. Catherine Hajnal

Cost: Free – Exclusive to BCCDA members

Credits towards annual CCDP maintenance: One and half for live participation, one for recording


About the session

The Five Stages of Grief model of Kübler-Ross is entrenched in career and change management literature. In our desire to support our client’s exploration of loss in the career context, we may be doing them a disservice by referring to a model that doesn’t reflect what we now know about the process of grieving.

In this session we’ll explore why the Five Stages model is problematic and identify alternatives to support loss conversations with clients.

About the presenter

Catherine Hajnal completed her doctorate in Human Factors Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. She explored the connection between occupational stress and the design of work and has been engaged with health and well-being ever since.

She specializes in loss, grief, and mourning and holds them in a container of hope and possibility. She fosters healthy grieving, creating learning environments and conversations in which individuals feel empowered to acknowledge and find meaning in their losses.


Time: 12. December 2018 – 12pm to 1pm

Title: Getting in the Driver’s Seat: Leadership from the Inside Out

Presenter: Loretta Cella

Cost: Free – Exclusive to BCCDA members

Credits towards annual CCDP maintenance: One and half for live participation, one for recording


About the session

Leadership isn’t about a position it’s about how we show up in our day to day life. When we look at leadership as an internal process that creates external possibilities we begin to increase our own success and happiness and provide the right environment for others to do the same.

In this presentation you’ll learn about the process of internal leadership and how it will support greater outcomes in your personal and professional life.

About the presenter

With over 15 yrs of experience in human services within 10 countries, Loretta Cella has honed her skills in developing and leading initiatives, programs and projects within the education, career and personal development sectors.

She currently provides services to government and non government organizations and businesses on leadership development, organizational change and raising people potential. Loretta holds a Masters in Leadership through Royal Roads University, a Prosci certification and is an ICF certified coach using a unique combination of Co-Active and Erickson methodologies.

Working with a full spectrum of populations in various parts of the world has given Loretta the ability to hone in on her skills and develop a real passion for creating high quality, innovative programs and supporting projects for an array of clients. When asked, Loretta will tell you that culture development and individual enhancement sits at the core of her work.


Time: 9. January 2019 – 12pm to 1pm

Title: Storytelling & ‘Storylistening’: The Heart of Narrative Assessment

Presenter: Mark Franklin, Penny Freno

Cost: Free – Exclusive to BCCDA members

Credits towards annual CCDP maintenance: One and half for live participation, one for recording


About the session:

Narrative techniques are at the leading edge of career management theory and are quickly gaining ground as a method of practice. In this live and interactive 1-hour session you’ll learn how to use highly variable client stories and proven storytelling and ‘storylistening’ techniques to gather and organize what matters to and generate a powerful ‘career statement’.

You’ll discover how and why clients light up at the ‘aha moment’ when they see their stories transformed into transferable skills and promising and context-sensitive possibilities for their future. You’ll also be introduced to an Online Storyteller web-application and how it can be used to streamline and scale up narrative career management services in institutions, organizations and private practices.

Participants receive one free Online Storyteller credit.

Learning Goals:

The aim of the webinar is to:

  • Engage you in an experiential introduction to a narrative assessment framework
  • Provide an overview of an evidence-based narrative assessment system and related tools
  • Elevate your existing storytelling and active listening skills
  • Illustrate how to apply a web application, the Online Storyteller, in 1-on-1 sessions in a variety of settings and with different clients

About the Presenters

Mark Franklin is the award-winning practice leader of CareerCycles, a career management social enterprise based in Toronto, and co-founder of OneLifeTools. Mark and a team of Associates have enriched the career wellbeing of 4000+ clients individually and in organizations.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering, a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology, and a P.Eng. license. In 2015, he received the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Development. In his earlier engineering career, Mark consulted with hundreds of organizations as a technology manager, then management consultant with KPMG.

Changing careers, Mark led student services initiatives in two of Canada’s largest universities, now teaches a for-credit career management course at University of Toronto and applies system thinking and engineering problem solving to create scalable, gamified and evidence-based career management tools. Mark hosts the Career Buzz radio show and podcast where he’s interviewed hundreds of guests about insights and turning points in their career stories.

Penny Freno, MA, HNCP, is an associate with CareerCycles and a career educator at SFU, Career and Volunteer Services. She is a sessional instructor in the SFU Career Development Practitioner Program and the developer and facilitator of the online course: Your Next Move: Transitioning with Intention offered by SFU’s Liberal Arts and 55+ Program.

Her career spans different roles in career education, job development and employment services in higher education and community services organizations. She currently serves as co-chair Research Committee, Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE).