Singing Telegrams

Is a friend or coworker of yours celebrating a birthday or anniversary?

(or any celebration?)

Why not surprise them with a

Singing Telegram!

starting at $100 no GST

Comedy ​Nerd-O-Grams with Gerome Stallone!

Singer Dude in Tux with Guitar!

scroll down for details

ph ​250-753-6695

text 250-713-5528

Santa-Gram! Frosty-Gram!

Santa-Gram or Frosty-Gram - For the holiday season only is offering 'Santa-Gram' or 'Frosty-Gram'

Surprise that special someone with a visit from Santa or Frosty.

Frosty $100 - Santa $150 no gst

Nerd-O-Grams With Gerome Stallone

This nerdy character, who plays the accordion, sometimes very badly, is a very, very funny guy!! Gerome Stallone enters the room carrying a sign with the 'victims' name on it. Once he or she is located Gerome moves the person so all can see the show.

Gerome starts with a greeting and then moves quickly into a few magic tricks. Mr. Stallone brings out the accordion and sings a lovely song, always funny, and then produces a wagon wheel for a cake, lights a candle and sings "Happy Birthday" or "Happy whatever the special occasion," with the audience singing along.

Before Gerome Stallone completes the Nerd-O-Gram he reads some funny information about the 'victim', provided by you!

The Gerome Stallone Nerd-O-Gram, singing telegram is always very funny and entertaining! You, the audience and the 'victim'

Singer Dude In Tux With Guitar

Brent dresses up in his tux and bow tie,

grabs his guitar and sings your favourite oldie to a special friend!

- Available everyday from 9:00am - 6:00pm (click here for contact to make arrangements for outside these times, extra fee) no service after 9pm.- Fees starting at $100. no gst. - Shows performed outside Nanaimo city limits are subject to a traveling fee.- Singing telegrams are approx 5 to 15 minutes in length.- Prices and characters subject to change without notice.