Description of the installation

Bridge Bidding Analyser does not require installation. Just download the compressed file (due to the low number of downloads, a warning may appear that you need to ignore) and then unpack it.

This will bring up the BiddingAnalyser folder containing the following files:

  • BiddingAnalyser.exe - program executable file, no installation required;
  • folders 32 and 64 with the Bridge Calculator program by Piotr Beling;
  • 21GF.bbsa - sample configuration file for the 2/1 game force system;
  • Sayc.bbsa - sample configuration file for the sayc system;
  • WJPBC.bbsa - an example configuration file for the WJ system (Polish Bridge Club version).

Configuration files must be located in the program folder. You can create any number of files with different settings yourself.

To run the program, you need the standard Visual Basic 6.0 runtime libraries, which are usually already in Windows (if not, you should also install the so-called runtime files vbrun60sp6.exe from the Microsoft website).