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Price Action is King

The style of trading I use is technical analysis. I'm a trend follower and trend trader, looking to capture the beginning of a move. I swing trade options usually holding anywhere between 2-10 trading days. Following price on what the chart tells you is the story for the near term. This is where you can find momentum, volume, support, resistance, or a sell off about to take place. Price action is king.

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Trading Education

There will be full transparency in risk/reward scenarios. I will help educate on proper risk sizing and risk management. 90% of traders fail due to lack of managing trading psychology and risk. Setting targets and stops, while incorporating optimal risk/reward scenarios before you enter a trade are the main ingredient in a trading recipe. Having a trading plan before entry is the best way to manage and execute on winners while cutting your losses as necessary, with maximizing risk/reward scenarios. With a subscription comes a link to the Telegram service where educational blogs will be posted to help fellow traders grow into becoming a more proficient and active trader. Focus will be on position sizing, risk management, and developing a trading plan that's right for you.


My passion is trading. I’m not a morning person, but I found something that gets me out of bed everyday...the market! I wake up to it, I grind to it, and I dream to it. Being financially free in your bank account is one thing, but being free in your time rocks your world! Trading opens doors to freedom no other profession can. Repetition is boring, and while trading may have bigger risk, it has much bigger potential reward. The choice was simple for me, it’s a skill set that will stay with you forever. Through any economic decline, lay-off or transition in your life, the skill that can be acquired trading will always put food on your table. That’s what pulled me in, there is just something about seeing tickers of the names of stocks blinking at you on the screen that revs my engine. Everyday brings a new challenge in an ever changing market. This is what keeps me on the edge of my seat, waiting to capitalize on the opportunity to beat it!


The stock market is volatile. Options may see wide price swings and ranges. There will be price swings in each investment. Invest at your own risk. Never invest what you are not willing to lose. The Information on this website or via any Telegram service or channel is provided for education and informational purposes only. Current and future notifications are opinions of the author without implication or express of warranty, including warranties of fitness, precision or absoluteness. The Information within or provided through this website or service are sole opinions of the administrator and do not constitute as financial or investment advise. The author, administrator is not a registered investment advisor or broker and accepts no liability for any direct or consequential loss arising from use of this service. This service does not guarantee profitability or suitability to any sole user on any particular investment. The stock market is volatile. Derivative trading can have large price swings and ranges. Users should invest at their own risk in complete understanding that said user may suffer minor to substantial losses. Users should not invest what they are not willing to lose. User should only make informed financial decisions and/or investments based on their own market research and due diligence or consultation with a professional broker or financial advisory. Trading may not be suitable for all people. Each trade or investment proposes its own inherent risks