If you are interested in joining the BayFAP listserv, please email us at bayfapworkshop@NOSPAMgmail.com (leave out the NOSPAM).

The Bay Area Feminism and Philosophy (BayFAP) workshop was founded in 2005 by Jacqueline Tayor (USF) and Ásta (SFSU), and modeled after our sister group, the Workshop on Gender and Philosophy (WOGAP), which meets a few times per semester to discuss a pre-circulated paper.

However, BayFAP faced distinctive logistical challenges. Participants who work and study at different institutions across the Bay Area live far away from each other. Public transportation between the campuses is poor, and traffic is increasingly horrendous. As a result, attendance at BayFAP suffered badly.

In response to this, we decided to change the format of BayFAP to an annual, workshop-style conference. The conference will be modeled after the Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference and its descendants, the Vancouver Summer Philosophy Conference and the Midsummer Philosophy Workshop.

Here's the gist: To maximize time for discussion, papers on the program will be read in advance by participants. Each session will consist of short presentations by two commentators, followed a brief response by the author(s). We will also be arranging a recreation day so that participants can enjoy one another's company while making the most of springtime in the beautiful Bay Area.

From 2007-2014 BayFAP was run by Ásta and Shelley Wilcox (SFSU), and from 2014-2016 by Ásta, Shelley, and Saray Ayala (Sacramento State). Now it is run by Saray and Rebecca Mason (University of San Francisco). See here for previous BayFAP programs.