To share various volunteer opportunities with the youth of the Bay Area

Our Silver Award Project

We are Girl Scouts from Diamond Crest Service Unit and we have decided to take on the challenge of earning the Silver Award- the highest honor a Cadette can receive. To fulfill the requirements of this award, a small group of Girl Scouts must find an issue they care about, research it, and take action to make a lasting difference.

The Girl Scouts program encourages a focus on civic engagement and community service. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find age-appropriate service project ideas. Our group wanted to be able to easily track projects that allow us to engage with social, environmental, and other types of issues that impact our communities. The objective of this site is to share ideas of what types of service projects are available to Girl Scouts and any dedicated volunteers in our local area.

Our troop has participated in a number of different service projects. This also includes some of our members completing some service projects independently, which means we have experience and can vouch for their credibility.

Together, we have compiled a list of charities, non-profit organizations, and other events that could use volunteers. This site includes the details and contact information about each group, the age group best suited for each volunteer opportunity, and when and where these events take place. By creating this site and reaching out to our community, we hope that our project will make a difference.

Please let us know if you have other service project ideas that could be added to this site or if you have updated information regarding the organizations we have suggested.

If you want to give us feedback, please fill out this form: Feedback Form

Thank you for taking the time to volunteer, your efforts make a difference!

Why volunteer?

Good Deeds journalists asked more than 7,000 volunteers a big question in the volunteering industry:
“Why do you volunteer?”

66% of respondents volunteer to improve their community, and 83% do so to contribute to a cause they care about.

Motivations for volunteering can be complicated, highly personal, and subjective.

People have many different reasons to volunteer, and seeing their reasons can inspire you to work towards what you're passionate about. Here are some of the motivations we have and have heard as to why some people volunteer.

“I Volunteer To Socialize”
“I Volunteer To Build My Skills”
I love animals.”
“It gives my life purpose.”
“To put my skills to work for others.”
“To understand the world.”
“I’m offered volunteer time off through work.”
“So those I’m serving feel cared for.”
“It’s therapeutic for me.”
“It gives me an opportunity to travel.”
“For spiritual/religious reasons.”
“To share my knowledge …”
"I want to help others"

Why do you want to volunteer?

Please check out our contact-us page to share your motivation to volunteer.
We would be happy to hear from you!

What we've done

Many of the resources listed on this website are organizations that we have personally volunteered with. We have taken our own experiences and compiled them into a website for everyone to use.

We also host an annual Girl Scout clean up project in our local park (Twin Pines Park, Belmont), and teach about the importance of trash vs recycling and keeping the water cycle clean.


Annual park clean up event locally in Belmont, CA.