Basic math and stats 2019

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Instructor: Daniel Ramirez Smith



    • Recent change of location. All of our classes will take place in 18.0.A.02. Our schedule for every day is from 3 pm to 6 pm.
      • That is building 18, floor 0. class A02.

Replication work

Instructions. As a group you need to prepare:

  1. Well annotated do file with the code you used for replication. (5 points)
        • For instance, if you are dropping part of your sample, explain why. If you generate a new variable, explain why. One sentence should suffice.
  2. A log file where you've run your code from start to finish (0.5 points)
  3. A clean table that shows the results. (2 points)
  4. Presentation of your experience of replication (2.5 points).
    • You use your do file, you can use a ppt, handouts, anything you like.
    • Identify a spokes person.

Overall, imagine I am a "recent addition" to your research team. You need to bring me up to speed, and I should be able to hop on the work only with those documents.

Groups for replication exercise:

  • Bahar --> Javier Carrero, Belen, Gonzalo, Baris.
  • Dahlin --> Fatima, Pedro, Capucine, Rei, Tarek.
  • Aassve --> Jorge, Rui, Chen, Heeyeon.
  • Glikman --> Enrique, Alvaro, Mateo, Tamara, Maria.

In class quiz