My primary goal as an educational technologist is to help educators develop the skills they need in order to utilize digital-age tools to engage learners and accelerate learning. My passion for learners and their learning drive my everyday practice of teaching, design and research. I prioritize hands-on learning as well as explicit instruction where appropriate. I am committed to the notion that teachers and learners can engage democratically in order to experience compelling and meaningful learning. In a recent statement one of my students said:

"Basiyr Rodney is known for his innovation, creativity, and best practices that will ignite students’ passion for learning. His teaching style is designed specifically to incorporate strategies that meet the needs of all learners."

On this site, I share some of the projects that I have worked on over the years. You will see that these projects are typically cross-disciplinary and targets experiences where the learner engages deeply in order to sharpen skills, develop competency and demonstrate knowledge. I have over 20 years of teaching experience in classrooms from k-12 to higher education. Some of that experience also comes from informal environments such a museums, community agencies and faith-based institutions. The resources shared here will document ways in which technology, pedagogy and content knowledge (TPCK) can be meaningfully integrated to promote fun student engagement and active learning.

Much of the work that is displayed here is based on models and projects around hands-on learning such as understanding and developing a makerspace; developing a metacognitive teaching game and using mobile applications,with interactive cloud-based platforms.

I bring a global perspective to my work. My education began in Kingston Jamaica and I have a background in history and international politics. Doctoral work in South Florida and living in Saint Louis has shaped my practice a great deal. I have presented at many international conferences, and my work is published in various journals. I welcome the opportunity to continue working with talented teachers and bright students.