The Untitled Man is an avatar for the creative self. I've used photography and montage to explore The Untitled Man's narrative and relationship with different environments. At times I've used seamless photo editing to suggest a quantum state for the untitled man, where they are in 3 places at once.

perch. 2011.
intimate in triplicate: 2011. Photo-montage
looking at you too: 2011. Photo-montage
enclose. 2011.

Above: I chose a section of wetlands off route 114 in North Andover, Massachusetts, and I worked with photographer Eric Garcia to create this series exploring the Untitled Man's relationship with a natural environment in transition. Man made creations have made life on earth easier, but has come with a cost that can be seen in the natural environment.

looking at you. 2010. composite photo.

through and out. 2010. composite photo.

attack and defend. 2010. composite photo.

the embrace. 2010. composite photo.

Above: In 2010, just after finishing the costume, I chose the Mystic River Reservation in Medford and Somerville, for my first photo series. Forests are ideal settings for The Untitled Man and the green and brown vines are almost the perfect visual foils for the red and white lines of The Untitled Man's Suit.