Doñagdeo is an avatar for transformation and growth. I've created several photo series for Doñagdeo which connect her with historic places and portals, to explore her power as a shamaness for historic transformation.

l'entrada: 2016. composite photo
arbusts ardents: 2016 composite and photo-montage.
la paret: 2016. composite photo
cerada: 2016.

Model: Telma Ha (Marghareta Bergamo) as Doñagdeo. I traveled to Barcelona to work with Telma Ha in 2016. Barcelona's Barri Gotic proved to be the ideal location for Donagdeo's narrative. The Gothic and Midaevil architecture, which has a great deal of Arabian influences, responds to the Arabesque motif on Doñagdeo's body.

rising: 2015

divination: 2015

drawing through: 2015

medicine wheel. 2015. composite photo

Model: Wendy Jehlen. Photo credit: David Chaje. This series coincided with 'Donagdeo, Mapping the Unseen' a performance at Spoke Gallery, of Medicine Wheel Productions. The Medicine Wheel in the background was created by Michael Dowling and Medicine Wheel Productions, I created the green floor sculpture/installation.