I create wearable-performative characters that embody ideals and tell stories. I call my characters ‘Fine Art Superheroes’ because just like comic-book characters, my heroes wear costumes representing the values they embody. I create my costumes by hand, using fabric paint, cotton leotards, and various materials for the headpieces. I use Fine Arts patterns from different cultures to create unique character identities which visually connect to each character's theme. After creating the suits I collaborate with dancers to create live performances and photographs which explore each character's identity and personal narrative. Through my characters I uncover new ideas, make connections and find answers to deeper questions about sciences, spirituality, myth-making, and the creative process.

So exciting to be joining Nick Cave and the PARADE TO SPREAD JOY where the incredible work Augment - an installation of inflatable sculpture - which the FINE ART SUPERHEROES will escort from The Boston Center for the Arts to Uphams Corner. Come see us at 11am at the BCA. We will be at Uphams Corner by 1pm

Remon: 2014

Eluzre: 2017

Piridalil: 2018