As part of my application to UW Academy during 10th grade, I took the February 2014 ACT and received an ACT score of 35 (99.7th percentile). Since then I've gained a deep understanding of how the SAT and ACT work. I tailor completely individualized SAT/ACT lessons for every student, teaching the specific techniques and strategies that will work best for each student. I've helped all of my students meet or exceed their target scores.

Lesson Packages

I currently offer the following SAT/ACT lesson packages:

1. Focused: 12 hours of lessons, 4 hours of exam proctoring ($750). Best if you:

  • Want to focus on specific parts of the exam
  • Are aiming for a significant score improvement
  • Would like to spend less than 2 months on preparation

2. Comprehensive: 24 hours of lessons, 8 hours of exam proctoring ($1300). Best if you:

  • Wish to cover all sections of the exam comprehensively
  • Are aiming for a maximal score improvement
  • Have at least 2 months to prepare

Individual lessons are $70/hour.

Free College Planning

For a limited time I'm offering free college planning when you purchase an SAT/ACT lesson package. You will receive 2 hours of free college planning with Focused Academy, or 4 hours of free college planning with Comprehensive Academy. During college planning sessions, I will be working with students and parents to solve some of the critical questions within the college admissions process:

  • What should I be doing during high school?
  • Which colleges should be my reach, safety, and target schools?
  • How many colleges should I apply to?
  • Which colleges will I have the best culture fit with?
  • Which colleges will help me most with my career aspirations?
  • What is my expected cost of attendance at various colleges?
  • Which schools will be financially feasible for my family?
  • How competitive is my major? What is the chance, once I'm in college, that I get accepted into my major?

Homework Policy

To achieve large score improvements on the SAT and ACT, it is imperative for students to do the homework. Score improvements of 5+ on the ACT and 200+ on the SAT are a regular occurrence when students complete all of the homework I assign to them. To this end, I ask that students and parents treat SAT/ACT preparation as the top academic concern while they are engaged in it. Let's do some math:

  • I recommend 12 to 24 hours of SAT or ACT tutoring for most students.
  • I assign approximately 2 to 3 hours of homework for every hour of SAT or ACT tutoring, which is 24 to 72 total hours of homework.
  • That comes out to 36-96 total hours spent on SAT/ACT preparation, which should result in a substantial boost to a student's SAT or ACT score.

OK. Now, here are the things that colleges care about most:

  • Maintaining a high GPA and taking challenging courses during high school (45%)
  • SAT and/or ACT scores (25%)
  • Extracurriculars (15%)
  • Application essays (15%)

If we assume that high school students spend on average 7 hours a day physically present at school, as well as 1.5 hours a day on homework, for 180 days a year, for 4 years, we calculate that the typical high school student spends approximately 6,000 hours on high school. And depending on the commitment, students spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand hours on extracurriculars.

SAT/ACT preparation is the quickest and most straightforward way to improve a student's chances of acceptance to any and all colleges. Students who prioritize test preparation (by doing all of the assigned homework) will realize their goals.

Cost Comparison

In the table below I compiled the cost of private tutoring for some of the main national and local companies.

SAT tutoring cost