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In the 15th episode of The Mindset Forge, Barton and Colette discuss her leadership as the President of Huston-Tillotson University, a historically black institution. She discusses how she sees her role creating "fertile soil" for her students to succeed. Her stories of growing up in the 1960 highlight her mindset on overcoming stereotypes, her commitment to outworking everyone to get what she wanted in life, her mindset around perseverance, and ultimately, how she's learned to love people without needing their love in return.

Her perspective is powerful, vulnerable, and servant-hearted. Listening to this podcast episode, listeners should look for several mindset take-aways:

  • As adults, we much provide the next generation "fertile soil" so they may discover their full potential.

  • The powerful notion of loving others does not require reciprication.

  • As an African-American woman, standing up for herself in times of injustice is necessary.

  • How becoming the president of Huston-Tillotson University honored all of her ancestors who paved the way and came before her; especially her mother.

She's a professional Ironman triathlete and coach in Austin, TX working with top athletes from all around the world. The podcast episode is jam-packed with her stories of her coaching mindset and helping the "whole athlete" to achieve their goals.

Born in a small town in South Africa, Natasha was a high-level tennis player and eventually came to the US to compete and teach tennis. At age 27 she discovered triathlons and fell in love with the challenge and complexity of the endurance sport. Today, still competing as a professional, she helps other top athletes like Andrea Nunez-Smith and Nick Bare improve in all aspects of their sport.

Listening to her stories, there is a humility in her voice, a desire to serve others as a coach, and an enthusiasm to be a leader in her field. Whether or not you follow the sport of triathlon training, you'll love her thoughts on personal health, having a positive mindset, and the importance of recovery in any training program. For more info, visit:

In this podcast interview, Barton speaks with Jonathan Parr, athlete and physical therapist in Austin, TX. Reality show viewers might also know him by his nickname “The Flying Squirrel” from “American Ninja Warrior” (ANW). His athletic mastery of climbing, aerial acrobatics, as well as his knowledge of exercise physiology helped make him competitive and take him all the way to Los Vegas for the show finals. The show's obstacle course is considered to be some of the most difficult in the world, and he was honored to be able to compete for 6 consecutive seasons.

Beyond being an elite athlete, they discuss Jonathan's passion for helping people rehabilitate from significant physical and cognitive injuries. His passion for physical therapy started when his sister developed neurological issues. He's even invented devices to better facilitate the rehabilitation process for some of his clients.

He shares his unique incites from childhood, the challenges of competing at the highest level on Amercian Ninja Warrior, and his "why" behind helping people as the owner of Parr PT.

Episode twelve features Impact Austin's founder Rebecca Powers. She is so passionate about helping women find their voice and the confidence to make an impact through collective giving. She came up with the idea to start Impact Austin after reading an article in People Magazine while on a filght back home from Sacramento. She thought to herself "What if I could get 100 women in Austin to give $1000 each to support the Austin underserved community?"

What she didn't realize when starting Impact Austin was, a major part of the program would be about mentoring women who were learning to make an impact through giving and expanding their reach.

Barton and Rebecca's conversation is funny, thought provoding, and inspirational. Rebecca's upcoming autobiographical book "Trust your Cape" will be released on Amazon on May 25th. All proceeds from book sales on May 25th will go to support the Impact Austin Endowment.

For more info on her Women's Collective Giving Organization Impact Austin, Click Here.

Celebrating the first ten podcast episodes, Barton and Val discuss their biggest takeaways and what moments inspired them from each episode. Val is involved in all aspects of The Mindset Forge Podcast behind the scenes. For this episode, she really enjoyed the opportunity to step in front of the mic and share her love of the podcast.

There is more info about Val and Barton in the "About Barton" section of this website.

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Meet “Pastor Dude” Matt Freeman. He is spearheading a transformational community in East Austin to create a solution to homelessness. In Barton's interview with Matt, they dive into how Community First! and Mobile Loaves & Fishes have partnered to support a sustainable solution to help people with chronic homelessness find a home, a community and a purpose. Beyond his work with Community First, Matt shares his story of childhood, losing his way while a sports broadcaster in Florida, hitting rock bottom one night white drunk driving. Discover how he finds redemption through reconnecting with his father and finding his life's purpose in serving others.

Click Here to find more information about Matt's work with Community First, or google "Community First Village Austin, Texas" to see articles and documentaries createc about their unique story.

Gabriel’s story depicts the challenges of growing up with a father locked up in San Quentin Prison and a mother addicted to heroine. At age 12 he discovers theatre at his grandma’s church and he is hooked! With the guidance of several mentors, he was able to follow his passion, go on to college, get an MFA in Acting, and pursue a career. But his story isn’t just about him making it. It’s about him wanting to give back to the at-risk youth around Sarasota, FL by using theatre to help them find their unique voices and share their truth with their community. His work as a teacher and Assistant Principal have helped shape the lives of middle and high school kids over the last 10 years. Stay tuned for how to watch his new one person show "Between Two Truths" after is recent premier at the Sarasota Theatre Festival "Sarasolo Festival".

Lucas Jack discusses being a Lawyer in Chicago who decided to follow his passion and become a full-time singer/songwriter in San Antonio, Texas. He shares how he became artist of the year in San Antonio, opening for Foreigner, and rocking out at the NBA Finals. Find out what he’s been up to with music since his moved to St. Louis. Throughout the podcast, you’ll hear excepts from a variety of Lucas’ songs. For more from Lucas, follow Lucas Jack Music on Facebook and Instagram. He performs Live every Tuesday @ 9 pm and Friday @ 10 pm central time. @lucasjackmusic

The interview with Austin, TX Mayor Steve Adler offers insights on leadership in challenging times, his humble beginnings, having to take ownership of his life after losing both of his parents, taking on civil rights cases as a young lawyer in Austin, and the love of his family. It’s a fresh look at the heart of a man who has led the City of Austin during the 2020 Covid Pandemic. Find Steve on Facebook at "Austin Mayor Steve Adler"

Stacy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who lives in Dripping Springs, TX. She and Barton discuss the challenges parents and children are facing in 2020 and how parents can develop family rituals, self-care strategies, and effective communication to help their families thrive amidst the difficulties of 2020. She shares key insights from her early life and some of the struggles she faced, which help her understand and empathize with both struggling kids and parents.

Mark was thrown from a truck and broke his neck This eighteen year old college soccer player became a quadriplegic and had to figure out how to live in a wheelchair and find purpose in his life. He goes on to lead the US Paralympic Rugby team to a GOLD medal in the 2008 Paralympic Games and stars in the Academy award nominated documentary “Murderball” depicting the US Rugby team. Mark shares his mindset on overcoming his handicap, becoming the best in the world at his sport, and how to always dream big in life. *language may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

Darlene Byrne has been a judge for 20 years in Austin, TX and in 2021, she will serve in her new role on the bench of the 3rd Court of Appeals. In this episode, she talks about her efforts to help families create a safe place for their kids to lay their head at night, her new role as an Appellate Judge, and her journey to become a lawyer and judge.

Trigger Warning: she does share a violent event that happened when she was 18 years old. Darlene’s story shines with her big heart and courage to follow her dreams, become a lawyer, and help families create safe spaces for children to grow up.

A very ambitious young financial advisor skyrockets to the top of his financial services company before realizing that it’s not just about winning awards and money. After a brain tumor rocks his world, he changes course to start his own Financial services firm based on a spirit of togetherness and impacting clients in a profound new way. For more information about Travis, follow him on Instagram @travispenfield or his company @

Matt is a musical theatre composer and returned Peace Corps Volunteer. He was the recipient of the Jonathan Larson Foundation award and his documentary style musical “Invisible Thread” received national recognition. Matt discusses the challenges of joining Peace Corps in West Africa and shares his perspectives on being an artist, fostering kids, and overcoming life’s obstacles to find fulfillment in the small ways people can make a real impact. Follow Matt on Instagram @fakeMattGould

In his first interview, Barton and Larry John (LJ) discuss mindset as a top fitness trainer and he dives into his difficult childhood. LJ reflects on the challenges he faced and how he now strives to positively impact hundreds of people all over the country. *Although Barton also works with Camp Gladiator as a region director, this podcast is purely an educational and inspirational resource for his listeners.

For more info about LJ, visit: