Barton's Story

Barton lives in Austin, TX with his wife Valerie and their six year old son, Jack. Barton is a Region Director and Virtual Product Director with Camp Gladiator. He's been a personal trainer for 13 years and still trains a few clients both in person and virtually. Barton and his family love outdoor hikes, traveling, and living a healthy lifestyle. His background in the arts, sports, and working in Africa all inform his unique perspective. His wife Valerie is a major contributor in The Mindset Forge Podcast. It's truly become their passion project as a couple!

Barton hung up his basketball shoes after high school and decided to pursue music; specifically vocal performance. He never sang at Davis High School, but when he arrived in San Diego, CA for college, he went for it! Barton sang in operas like "Marriage of Figaro" and "La Boheme," took acting classes, and performed a solo concert to receive his Bachelor of Music degree. During Barton's time in college, he had the chance to travel abroad. He spent a year in Aix-en-Provence studying French and traveling Europe and North Africa. Barton's two trips to Morocco instilled in him a curiosity and profound respect for the diverse cultures of North and West Africa. Once back in the US, he applied for the Peace Corps so he could travel back to Africa and immerse himself in the culture and learn about their way of life. Barton spent two years in Diadjibine, a small village of 2,500 people in Southern Mauritania, West Africa. As a Peace Corp volunteer, he taught English, helped build water pumps, and started a solar-powered computer center. The time in Mauritania shaped Barton's mindset on the importance of community, teamwork, leadership, and supporting hard-working people who don't have the resources Americans have at their fingertips.

After Peace Corps, Barton moved to New York City to pursue singing and acting. He was accepted into the Maggie Flanigan Studio and spent two years studying Meisner technique and writing a one man show about what he learned as a Peace Corps in West Africa. His show opened up new doors for him and he performed it around the country. On one of his trips, he traveled to Austin, TX. On the plane to Austin, Barton sat next to Syndnee N'Gatia, who was Valerie's best friend. She decided that Barton and Val needed to meet each other and played matchmaker while Barton was in the area. Their chemistry was instantaneous and within a few months, they were engaged. Barton moved to Austin after graduating from the Acting Studio and four months later, they were married.

When Barton moved to Austin in 2007, he pursued acting and became a personal trainer. His love of sports conditioning, strength training, and bodybuilding fueled his passion for helping others find the healthiest version of themselves. He ran a small boot camp company and trained people in the Westlake area for several years. Barton acted in community theatre, auditioned for movies, and created a voluntourism company taking people to East and West Africa to do volunteer work and enjoy the amazing natural beauty of Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, and Senegal. By the time he was was introduced to Camp Gladiator in 2012, he'd created a thriving personal training business and Voluntour Adventures to Africa was growing. His love for performing, his passion for fitness, and his talent for entertaining others made Camp Gladiator's style of outdoor group fitness a perfect vehicle for Barton to channel many of his talents. He decided to sell his voluntourism business and pulled back considerably with his personal training so he could go all in to his new role as Trainer with Camp Gladiator.

He's been a trainer and region director with Camp Gladiator for over nine years and absolutely loves being a servant leader in the company, and the global impact he gets to make with his outdoor and virtual group workouts. In 2021, Barton just accepted a new leadership role with Camp Gladiator as their Virtual Product Director.

The Mindset Forge Podcast is Barton's newest passion. He believes it's never too late to help people retool themselves with self-development skills and insights about overcoming challenges. He loves getting his guests to share how they've overcome various challenges in life; that those very obstacles make them stronger. Barton hopes the podcast will entertain as well as help people find the courage to go after the things in life that matter most to them. He deliberately chooses guests from a variety of backgrounds so their unique stories can be shared and the truths can help people to better their own lives.