Scope of Work

Lighting Design:

Bartholomew Lighting provides lighting design and consultation services to Architects, Engineers, Energy Service Companies, Utilities, Developers, Owners, and Public and Private Organizations and Institutions. In addition, Edward Bartholomew is a qualified lighting educator who can provide training to staff, trade allies, and end-users on the latest lighting strategies and technologies. His recent experience serving as a utility energy efficiency program manager helps him obtain lighting incentives for his projects, providing greater value for his lighting designs.

Edward Bartholomew | IALD | LC | LEED AP | IES

  • Professional member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)

  • Lighting Certified (LC) through NCQLP

  • LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)

  • An active member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

  • Member of the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

  • Bartholomew Lighting LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in the state of Massachusetts.

  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) through the state of Massachusetts

  • Bartholomew Lighting LLC is fully insured for Errors & Omissions

Bartholomew Lighting has extensive experience in the following project types:

  • Renovation/Retrofit/Adaptive Reuse

  • Commercial

  • Institutional

  • Public/Community

  • Industrial

Lighting Revitalization:

Bartholomew Lighting focuses on increasing the value of lighting retrofit projects beyond energy savings to include multiple non-energy benefits of improved occupant health, productivity, and an revitalized working/living environment through design. This would increase the value of the retrofit investment by providing turn-key lighting systems that meet the needs of the customer while improving the operation of the site/building.

  • Bartholomew Lighting provides experienced comprehensive lighting design services for new and existing buildings, including conducting investment grade lighting energy audits that are used to develop a targeted scope of work and deliver high-performance lighting and control upgrades that maximize the clients investment. Bartholomew Lighting specifies the best lighting systems to develop customized solutions that meet your specific lighting needs.

  • Bartholomew Lighting specializes in optimizing utility rebates/incentives so that each lighting redesign project
    looks great, works well, and pays back.

Scope of Services:

(Based on project phase)

Pre-Design (Lighting Audit)

  • Lighting energy analysis of the building and site

  • Daylighting analysis identifying daylight availability during occupied hours

  • Monitor and document operational time of use in spaces

  • Document visual tasks and visual challenges by occupants

  • Document current lighting types in each building space

  • Document current light levels, CCT and glare in spaces

  • Document current lighting controls systems and interfaces

  • Survey occupant’s perception of current lighting system use

  • Document building lighting maintenance tasks and schedule

Schematic Design-

  • Initial client meetings

  • Analysis of lighting requirements

  • Project and site lighting research

  • Lighting commissioning and energy goals

  • Conceptual lighting renderings

  • Conceptual presentation

  • Daylighting analysis and potential for optimization

Design Development-

  • Client meeting and design review

  • Lighting and controls research

  • Custom lighting fixture design

  • Preliminary lighting layout

  • Preliminary lighting fixture schedule and cutsheets (for budgetary estimates)

  • Preliminary lighting calculations

  • Lighting budget estimates

  • Coordinate fixture samples

  • Lighting mock-ups (as needed)

Bid Documents-

  • Revised lighting fixture layout

  • Lighting circuiting layout

  • Lighting specification (3-name spec upon request)

  • Controls specification (3-name spec upon request)

  • Preliminary installation details

  • Revised lighting budget estimate

Construction Documents-

  • Dimensioned lighting layout (coordinated with Architectural RCP)

  • Final lighting circuiting and controls layout

  • Final lighting specification and lighting schedule

  • Installation details

  • Custom lighting fixture details

Construction Administration-

  • Site visits during construction

  • Site mock-ups

  • Commissioning of lighting controls system

  • Review of fixture submittals and substitution requests

  • Field changes requiring fixture details

  • Lighting redesign due to field changes

  • Final focus and aiming of light fixtures

  • Lighting field coordination between trades

  • Note any structural, furnishing or personnel changes and its impact on the designed lighting system

  • Reconfigure lighting system to accommodate these changes

  • Review maintenance schedule for lighting system and components

Post Occupancy:

  • Post-Occupancy lighting controls commissioning

  • Post-Occupancy energy modeling and verification

  • LEED & Wellness lighting credit documentation

  • Survey occupants of their perceptions regarding the functionality of the lighting system

  • Create a energy consumption report showing use patterns and suggestions on how to optimize the lighting system to fit the use patterns


Bartholomew Lighting will provide the following as deliverables for our lighting design and consultation services based on design phase, as required:

  • Lighting Audit (including light levels and luminance analysis)

  • Lighting Standards Research

  • Conceptual Lighting Renderings

  • Lighting Design Plans

  • Lighting Fixture Schedule and Cutsheets

  • Controls Equipment Schedule and Cutsheets

  • Lighting Commissioning Report

  • LEED® Daylighting, Electric Lighting & Controls Documentation

  • Wellness® Daylighting, Electric Lighting Credit Documentation

  • Daylighting Analysis Report

  • Lighting Calculations Report

  • Lighting Budgets

  • Lighting and Controls Specifications

  • Lighting Details