Edward Bartholomew, principal of Bartholomew Lighting, has over thirty years of experience designing architectural lighting systems. He has won numerous lighting design awards while refining evidence-based sustainable lighting strategies. His involvement in every project is focused on understanding the needs of the client while analyzing the context of the site, in order to effectively design, specify, implement and commission sustainable, cost-effective lighting systems.

Bartholomew Lighting will partner with other industry allies to complement and enhance our business offerings. The goal of BL is to provide lighting design, education, research, and resources to clients, organizations, and partner firms.

Bartholomew Lighting is a Black-Owned, MA MBE business committed to the revitalization of buildings, sites, and infrastructure with healthy, sustainable lighting that supports and equally uplifts all communities.

Bartholomew Lighting is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where diverse voices are active in all aspects of our organization. This requires a culture of inclusion in which principals, employees, contractors and strategic partners feel respected and are treated fairly, and different viewpoints, opinions, thoughts, and ideas are encouraged and embraced. Bartholomew Lighting supports the rights and freedoms of all communities, including LGBTQ.

We are actively engaged in furthering Diversity & Inclusion within our professional community, and we seek out and support organizations with missions and goals that value equity and inclusion for people of all backgrounds.

Sustainable Light(ing)

Sustainable light requires the integration of effective daylighting strategies with quality electric lighting to create a sustainable visual experience. Quality lighting that is energy efficient is sustainable. Bartholomew Lighting is committed to creating designs that have the least impact on the environment, while supporting a quality visual experience for the occupant.

Light + Justice

Everyone deserves quality light (and dark). Bartholomew Lighting is committed to lighting design that intersects with social and environmental justice, and brings an awareness of lighting impacts on marginalized communities. Bartholomew Lighting advocates for a just application of quality lighting that remedies social and environmental inequities. Bartholomew Lighting stands with other minority business enterprises to participate in the decarbonization of our planet through energy effective lighting, one project at a time.

Healthy Light(ing)

Bartholomew Lighting strives to design lighting that balances the visual and biological needs of the occupant. One of the methods is to design lighting and controls that support circadian synchronization through the effective use of daylighting and dynamically controlled light spectrum. Lighting can be used to mitigate noise and provide germicidal UV to deactivate and kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces. These healthy light solutions must be carefully integrated with mechanical HVAC systems that revitalize occupant health and well being.