Barricades Stockton

Signs and Barricades for Traffic Control

When it is time for construction, repairs, or re-paving of roadways and highways, stockton signs and barricades are essential for safety. They also help provide some semblance of order in traffic control, and the reduction of liability risks. Keeping drivers and pedestrians informed and in the right lanes protects them, workers, and expensive equipment. A wide variety of signs, stencils, systems, and barricades stockton are available for sale or rent.


An experienced local company has been providing the greater Sacramento and San Francisco California areas with products for thirty years. The product designing and manufacturing plant has developed several innovations for safety in that time. The latest innovation is an intelligent traffic queue monitoring system for changing traffic conditions. The two system options allow project managers or crew foremen to change the signage to reflect conditions that change daily.

The programming is done remotely to prevent workers from crossing traffic to change printed signs. Work zone speed limits, lane changes, delays in traffic in five miles, an accident on the highway, uneven pavement, and one-lane traffic are a few examples of the information that can be provided to motorists and pedestrians. Benefits include protection of employees working on the project, a reduction in accidents, minimal confusion and pile-ups, and reduced liability risks.

Other Traffic Control Products

High visibility cones and barrels are ideal for nighttime work, busy intersections, and projects that will be in progress for an extended time period. Rumble strips slow down traffic at tool booths, on the highway when approaching work zones, and in school zones. Drivers may ignore a sign that displays a reduction in the speed limit, but they will not ignore that sound and bump caused by a simple strip. Arrow boards make the need to change lanes clear in plenty of time before the area is reached.


Stencils are used to paint pavement with symbols, wording, directional information, and safety spots like fire lanes. Arrows in a parking lot, handicapped parking spaces on the street, giant yellow “STOP” signs to reinforce that red posted sign, and reserved spaces for emergency vehicles are some examples of the usefulness of stencils. Custom stencils and banners are also offered for businesses, non-profit organizations, and special events.