Our Setting

At The Barn we have a well equipped, 3/4 acre walled garden. Inside the Barn we have two play rooms, a small kitchen, toilets and an accessible toilet.

We are open 48 weeks of the year, from 8am-6pm for children aged 2-11.


We believe every child benefits from pre-school education and the Barn Kindergarten, with our carefully balanced mix of old and new ideas, is an excellent start for your child.

We admit children from their 2nd birthday and they may remain with us until they move on to primary school.

You have the option to send your child to which ever sessions suit you, or a full day from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

We are happy to support you and your child where ever we can, for example, with potty training, we believe that consistency is incredibly important for all children, so we are happy to work alongside parents on this or similar matters to keep the best interests of the child as our number one priority!

We invite you to bring your child for a visit before they are due to start, to give them an opportunity to meet both staff and pupils and join in with our activities.

Parents considering sending their children to The Barn Kindergarten are welcome to visit at any time.

Out of School Club

The Barn Out of School Club is ideal for working parents or those attending training, we will give your child a healthy breakfast and take them to school.

We will collect them after school and take them to the Barn where they will have a healthy afternoon tea.

They will then have a fun packed time enjoying the wide variety of activities provided in the relaxed atmosphere of the Barn. As the children have recently had 6 hours of structure in school, we do not structure their time with us, at Out of School Club. They are free to use all the equipment as they please.

The children also have a say in how things are done at the Out of School Club, if they have an idea of something they would like to do with us, we are always open to suggestions and have a suggestion board for the children's ideas.

The Out of School Club is also available for 'those one off days'. We all have them, whether it be a late meeting or birthday/Christmas shopping, book your children in for a session and see how much fun they have. Arrange for a friend to join them and leave the worrying about how you are going to entertain them and the mess they will make to us!

Holiday Club

We are now opening fully in the school holidays, (including inset days and half terms) from 8am - 6pm providing a range of activities for all ages.

We like to give the children a bit of freedom at Holiday Club, the children have the option to play with all of the equipment as they please.

We still have breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea, but parents must provide the pack lunch. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide cooked meals outside of term time, as this gives us the freedom to go on outings and take packed lunches with us.

We also go on walks around the surrounding villages, to various parks and (numbers permitting) we go further afield in our mini bus to places like cote water and white horse hill.

We will be closed for a week at Easter, two weeks in the Summer and a week at Christmas.