Our Team:

There are 12 members of staff in our Barn family and 11 of us are parents.

Jane co-founded the Kindergarten in 1994 and is a Norland Nursery Nurse with the NNEB qualification.

Sarah Brown has been at the Barn since our expansion in 2008 and has a level 3 Diploma in childcare.

Debbie has worked at the Kindergarten since 1997 and has attended a variety of courses in child care.

Ally joined us at the Barn in 2014, she completed her level 3 qualification in childcare.

Lou started working with us in 2001. She has recently has a year away and then returned to us in 2016, she has an NNEB childcare qualification.

Juliet has worked at the Kindergarten since 2001 and is NVQ 2 qualified.

Becky joined us in 2015, she has her level 2 in childcare and is now training for her level 3.

Sarah Reade joined us in 2015 and has her level 2 in childcare.

Stacey started working with us in 2017, she has her playworker and level 2 qualification and is now studying for her level 3

Kerri Joined us at the Barn in 2018 and has her level 3 qualification in childcare

Bekka Started working with us in 2018 after previously coming to us for work experience. She is currently studying for her level 2.

Laura helps us with lunch times and started with us in 2018

Elli Has a level 5 qualification in childcare and joined our family in 2019

Which staff are where?

Butterfly Room, Pre-School (3 and 4 year olds)

Debbie, Lou, Juliet, Kerri and Stacey.

Caterpillar Room (2 and 3 year olds)

Ally, Becky, Sarah Reade, Elli and Bekka

Breakfast Club

Jane, Lou, Stacey, and Bekka.

After School Club

Jane, Becky, Stacey, Bekka, Elli and Kerri

Holiday Club.

Jane, Becky, Stacey, Kerri, Becky, Elli, Ally and Bekka.

All staff have been police checked, have had training in Safeguarding children, many are qualified first aiders.

Key Person Groups

Each child has a member of staff who is their ‘Key Person’ they will make a special effort to get to know each child and their family helping the child to settle in and creating a bond with the child which will ensure their time at the Kindergarten is happy and productive.

They keep a developmental record, ‘Child Profile’ on each child in their group. The Key Person uses the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters guidance to assess the children during their play so that activities can be planned to suit each child’s ability and interests and to prepare them for moving on to school. We ask parents to contribute to the Child Profile by letting the Key Person know either verbally or in writing about any achievements or difficulties their child may have had at home. The Child Profile is sent home at the end of each term for parents to read and contribute to if they wish. The Key person will supply the parents with a short written summary of their child’s progress between 2 and 3 years of age. When a child leaves the Kindergarten their Child Profile together with a progress report are passed on to their next pre-school or school.