Bareboat Charter Florida Keys

Reasons to Tour the Florida Keys by Boat

The Florida Keys is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the United States and with good reason. Although many of the islands took a hit during Hurricane Irma, the vast majority of local businesses have successfully rebounded, and all ten of the Keys' state parks are open for business again. It's the perfect time to plan a to-die-for vacation.

Want to see the Keys in style? One of the best options available to today's adventurous tourists is to hire a catamaran charter. Read on to find out why every family should consider at least looking into florida keys catamaran tours.

Island Hopping

There's a lot to see on each of the Florida Keys, and nobody wants to spend their entire vacation driving around or sitting in traffic on the bridges. The traffic can be even worse heading back and forth from Key West. Hiring a key west catamaran charter lets families and individuals travel in style and avoid traffic, turning getting from place to place into an adventure instead of a hassle.

An Authentic Experience

With a bareboat charter florida keys, visitors can get a truly unique and authentic island experience. After all, the point of heading to the keys for vacation is to enjoy the relaxing island atmosphere, and it would be impossible to get the full experience without also checking out these islands from the sea. Plus, there will be plenty of time to stop and enjoy the Sunshine State's beautiful beaches and other natural wonders.

More Control Over Vacation Planning

It's often possible to make multiple stops at both popular and remote destinations, allowing visitors to the Keys to personalize their trips. Many charter services have additional suggestions as to what their customers absolutely need to see and do while they're on land, as well. That means not only will visitors who choose to take charter boats get to see the Keys from a different perspective, but they'll also have more control over what they do on their vacations.

The Take-Away

Readers interested in booking charter boats have a variety of options. They can schedule a chartered tour of the islands that will last just a few hours, or they can hire a boat to transport them for the duration of their trips while they stop and stay at different popular destinations every night. Catamarans are one of the most popular boats used in charter tours, as they are safe, comfortable, and large enough to accommodate multiple visitors. It's best to book early to avoid missing out, so get started today.