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Do you live in a box?

I do not talk about your living space. I talk about the boxes that society puts you in. Boxes that you put yourself in. Boxes that you allow others to put you in.

The most common box that people put you in are; '' You are a woman,'' ''You are not smart enough,'' ''You have tattoos,'' You are too old'', '' You are too young''....

This installation is representing ''boxes'' that other people put you in. It is like some nightmare that you cannot wake up from.

Exhibited in Ljubljana, Slovenia Gallery DLUL 4.9.-15.9. 2019 as part of the TNM group show to promote Speculum Artium 2019

SOS (Demo version)

SOS is about awareness and neglection, considering the possibility of making a difference. SOS explores a future around the corner and the vacuum of activism.

Define; party

Definition of a party: a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. To be stuck in time on your party that you cannot leave. It can mean that you have a fear of being left alone or on the other hand it can mean that you can also have fun by yourself. Sometimes it is fine to be left alone so you should beat the fear and have fun on your own way where you do not need to follow any popular trends you can just simply be you.

Won the second place on Digitalbigscreen video festival 2018, Trbovlje , Slovenia