(Easing into Autobiographic Storytelling)

As follow-up to a brief sample by actress/workshop leader Barbara Bates Smith, assisted by manager/musician Jeff Sebens, participants in this supportive setting will find and tell their stories through fun, creative, step-by-step activities, using both writing and telling techniques. (Bring a treasured object with you to tell about first.)

Length of the workshop varies from one hour following a performance- to a week. Ideal group size: 10-12; a maximum of 30 with more space. One of Barbara’s 1-woman shows often serves as a springboard to participation, and enhances her chief function as a catalyst to encourage others..

Leader Background

Barbara, in guiding these activities, brings years of professional experience, plus specialized training at Esalen Institute with Spalding Gray, noted autobiographic storyteller. She has conducted workshops at schools, retirement centers, conferences, retreats, and at a Women's Self Esteem Workshop including Gloria Steinem.

A professional actress and playwright, noted for her Off-Broadway performances of “Ivy Rowe” from Lee Smith’s Fair and Tender Ladies, Barbara has toured extensively with one-woman shows, recently adding the popular “Go, Granny D!.” Both have live music by Jeff Sebens.


Another way of sharing stories, Story Circles function independently- usually weekly. Fun and fellowship are featured in the easy-to-follow format using the Native American tradition of "passing the stick,” empowering the speaker and stifling interruptions. Story prompts are offered by the leader (i.e. “Places I have lived…” “What I’m really good at…” etc.).

Training of Story Circle leaders is yet another option, individually arranged.

Reviews from Workshops