Professional Peer Consultation & Interim Leadership

Supportive Consultation and Navigation

  • Personally and professionally, people can often experience a feeling of pause or unknown and be forced to consider whether they need help figuring out the "What now?", "Where do I go from here", or simply realize "I just need to talk to someone who is outside of this situation."

  • Supportive consultation for anyone needing help finding their way.

  • Consultation for those helping professionals who need professional peer support.

  • There may be times when I help you find your more permanent provider, or connect you with a great community resource.

Care that is motivated and dedicated to your needs, not motivated by mine, should be the rule - not the exception.

Interim Leadership

Organizations, including Non Profit Organizations, frequently experience times of transition with their leadership teams.

  • The goal is to find stability in leadership as soon as possible - and it works...sometimes. Other times, the decision can be rushed and uninformed so instead, the organization gets a leader who may not be a good fit.

  • Here are a few reasons why organizations hurry to install a new leader or part of a leadership team:

      • Portray a sense of stability - keep up appearances of "having it together."

      • Put stakeholders at ease - including employees and volunteers.

      • Provide continuity of service to clients.

The transition - or the time between departure and installation - is not always seen as an opportunity for growth or improvement.

But what an opportunity it is!

  • Courageous organizations can call on an Interim Leader to:

      • Help be a bridge from their past to their future.

      • Be a listening ear to staff and volunteers as they experience uncertainty.

      • Assess, recommend and provide feedback in an unbiased manner.

      • Continue day to day operations in an ethical and caring manner with attention to the client services.

      • Ensure that history of the organization is identified and preserved for the next long term leader.