Purpose of this Class

We're going to look waaaaay into the past (3000+ years ago & even further in the past) to study different global societies. And you're probably thinking, "How is that important to me today?" History ALWAYS repeats itself (& in not so many good ways). Studying those patterns can offer us a window to understand the present or break the patterns that keep hurting groups of people. By studying different civilizations, we might have a better understanding about why our world is the way it is today. We'll be using an ethnic studies framework to question the world. With a focus on identity, migration, power & oppression, resistance & liberation, and transformative action, we can reimagine how the world can be.

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The curriculum is divided into 5 major units: (1) Identity, (2) Migration, (3) Power & Oppression, (4) Resistance & Liberation, and (5) Transformation & Action.

Unit 4:

Resistance & Liberation

Unit 5:

Transformation & Action