Baraka Imani Investments

Who are we?

We are a well established international haulage company offering services throughout Southern Africa.

Baraka Amani Investments specialist areas are Zambia and the South Africa where we have several daily departures with full or groupage loads. Other countries where we operate successfully with established partners are Malawi, Congo, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and we are now developing the markets of Kenya and Uganda.

Our modern operation which we constantly upgrade, provides the tracking and overall service our customers demand, who include several Blue Chip and Automotive organisations.

What makes us different

There is more than one reason that we stand out in comparison to our competitors. The principle factor has to be our staff. A mixture of a young but experienced persons provide the energy and dynamic approach to solve all your problems. Their patient and professional attitude to your requirements, ensure ultimate customer satisfaction at all times.