Initial 30 minute phone consultation (Free)

This is a chance for us to determine together what you need and how we can best help you. We will explain all of the options for organizing and decluttering.

Preliminary walk through (Free)

Following the 30 minute phone consultation, if it appears that we can help you, we will schedule a 1-2 hour walk through to review in person with you (and your family if applicable) the details of what you want to accomplish. At that time you may choose to order a single work session with us or if more is needed there is a 5% discount for each additional session you order at this time. If you wait to order sessions individually the base price applies.

Base organizing session $225

This is a 3 hour session. We will arrive at your home or office at the time specified in the contract. We will guide you through the process of decluttering and organizing the space(s) designated in the contract.

If additional time is required we will either add on additional sessions at the base price - 5% if you order all at once OR we will add on at the $75 /hour rate. We will be happy to provide you cost estimates at the walk through.

DIY organization guidance ($175)

This service includes a 2 hour walk through and a detailed report and instructions which will guide you through the process of decluttering and organizing on your own, customized for your space and situation. It includes phone and email support for 2 months following delivery of the report.

Virtual organization services ($125)

To assist you with organizing your own space we offer evaluation of your space and situation based on 2 hr phone discussion and photos or videos provided by you. These are sent prior to the phone discussion and we provide guidance for what to send. The success of this method is dependent on your commitment and your ability to provide details of the situation to us. Following initial discussion we will evaluate and provide a detailed report with guidelines for your DIY organization. This includes 2 months of phone and email support. Phone support is via weekly scheduled sessions.

Shopping and trash removal services related to the organizing contracted (35.00/hr)

We will shop for all storage containers and organizing solutions required, transport items for donation and remove recycling and trash. You will be responsible for reimbursement to us for supplies in addition to the shopping fee.


Mileage will be charged at 53.5 cents/mile over 30 miles from our office in Hanover,MD.