Bangla Comic Book Image Dataset (BCBId)

Comic books and graphic novels have been the subject of serious critical attention for some time now, though a number of works on 'English comic genres' can be found but none of them really focused on the 'Bengali comics genres'.

Here this database contains a total of 3327 images of different kinds of 'Bengali Comic Books' from a diverse set of renowned authors.

Here this database contains the book Narayan Debnath Samagro (509 pages) which has all the comics written by renowned author Narayan Debnath including 'Batul The Great', 'Nonte-Fonte', 'Handa Bhodar Kamdokarkhana' etc.

Similarly, 112 pages of 'হষৰ্বধৰ্ন' comics written by Shibram Chakrabarty (a total of 9 comics), 95 pages of 'Bonkonnya' comics written by Frank Cho (a total of 4 comics), 496 pages of 'Feluda' comics written by Satyajit Ray (a total of 9 comics), 218 pages of 'Professor Shonku' comics written by Satyajit Ray (a total of 8 comics), 73 pages of 'ঘনাদা' comics written by Premendra Mitra (a total of 4 comics), 1216 pages of 'Tintin' comics written by Hergé (a total of 19 comics), 164 pages of 'Indrajal' comics (a total of 5 comics) and 444 pages of 'Mandrake' comics (a total of 5 comics).

This database will only be used for Academic Research purpose, it is not for commercial use.

If you are using this dataset for research , please cite the following paper:

Arpita Dutta and Samit Biswas

CNN Based Extraction of Panels/Characters from Bengali Comic Book Page Images

2019 International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition Workshops (ICDARW) vol. 1, pp. 38-43, Sept 22-25, 2019, Sydney, NSW, Australia, doi: 10.1109/ICDARW.2019.00012

Arpita Dutta; Samit Biswas and Amit Kumar Das

CNN-based segmentation of speech balloons and narrative text boxes from comic book page images.

IJDAR 24, 49–62 (2021).

Hergé - Tintin

Frank cho - Bonkonna

Satyajit Ray - Feluda

Shibram Chakrabarty

Some Bengali comic books from different and renowned authors