Abdul Ali Bangash

Researcher | Green Software Engineering



Hi! I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant at UofA and Researcher at Maple Lab of programming languages. Prior to this I worked as Java developer at Global Rescue LLC (Grid). I completed my Masters in Software Engineering from NUCES under Dr. Mirza Omer Beg and currently pursuing doctoral studies at UofA under Dr. Karim Ali and Dr. Abram Hindle.


My aim is to help software developers overcome the rising demand to build energy efficient software systems. In the past I have worked in model based testing, model transformation languages and action language for foundational UML (ALF) as both researcher and developer.

Currently, I am working in the area of energy efficient software systems. I am interested to employ new techniques to enhance software processes in terms of energy. Find out what constructs of a software system or development process can help reduce energy costs. You can see my current work in detail and publications. Do not hesitate to contact me if your research interests lie at the confluence of these areas.

Contact Information

Email: bangash@ualberta.ca

University of Alberta, Edmonton

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