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  • Tajweed

  • Translation

  • Tafseer

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Meet your Teachers

  1. Naila Khan - California, USA

  2. Farah Deeba - California, USA

  3. Raghbat Ajaz - Texas, USA

  4. Sadia Khan - Chicago, Illinois

  5. Naila A. Khan - Quebec, Canada

  • 10:00 AM California (PST)

  • 01:00 AM New York (EST)

  • 10:00 PM Pakistan

  • 10:30 PM India

  • 08:00 PM Saudia Arabia

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We are honored to have this opportunity to share our understanding of the Holy Quran with our fellow sisters. We ask for your prayers only, this course is completely FREE. Join and share with others if you find it beneficial. ~Your sisters in Islam