Flash Root - Permanent Root

by Speeduploop

You can (and should) read the scripts the update-binaries in the zips are just scripts!

This should breaks OTA-Updates: you do this on your own risk!

Instead of switching adbd with a patched one, Speeduploop have create a root-shell over a telnet-backdoor.

Because 'telnetd' and 'telnet' are part of 8110's busybox we need no additional 3rd-party binaries (only some lines of shell-script).

The telnetd to localhost so it's only accessible from the device itself.

This means adb shell will give you the normal non-root shell. But if you now connect from this shell with 'busybox telnet localhost' you will get a telnet-session with full root privileges.

The zips are four, the name of them says what them do, use just one for function:


  • Bootstrapon.zip gets full root just like telneton.zip, but is more complete:
  1. create '/data/opt' as a persistent folder with easy access (rights are set in a way that you can adb push/pull files/folders to /data/opt);
  2. create '/data/opt/init' , a shell-script which will be executed at boot. Here you can insert commands which should run at every boot;
  3. link '/data/opt/init' in existing boot-script.

How to install bootstrapon/telneton

Installation is quite simple:

  1. Put the zip into the SD card;
  2. reboot the phone in Recovery Mode: Power+On or from adb adb reboot recovery;
  3. Mount /system;
  4. Apply update from SD Card;
  5. Select the .zip file;
  6. Reboot system now.

Once you are on the adb shell you have to start the command:

  • busybox telnet localhost

to get full root access. Put "busybox" before every command you want to start.