HMD Global (December 30, 2018)

Dear HMD Global,
We, Nokia 8110 4G users, have different backgrounds. Some of us are newcomers, some of us are hardcore Nokia users ever since the first 8110 came out in 1996, some of us are just alternative mobile platform enthusiasts. We all united in the appreciation and even admiration of your attempt of bringing some fresh ideas to the immortal classics of feature phones. And we're really grateful for it.
However, this admiration quickly changed into displeasure for most of us when we saw the actual phone and took it into our hands in the summer 2018. Instead of a real keypad smartphone revival, we saw no file manager, no text reader, no open source for KaiOS (despite it's based on open-source Firefox OS), almost no apps in the store and - most importantly - no ability to even sideload them. For most of us, the things we saw were insulting: what kind of smartphone is that? But KaiOS developers didn't seem to care. It's a really shameful state for an operating system with such a huge potential and truly open nature.
This is why we started our quest to liberate this system ourselves. And one of us finally managed to do this - in a very cumbersome way, with a very dirty hack, but this hack hit the news. Afterwards, we got the ability to read the system partition and find out a more gentle way to sideload the apps. And you know what the main consequence of this process is? There's not only a file manager and text reader, but over 160 working unofficial ports of different applications right now outside your official KaiOS Store! This is how you attract the developers for an emerging platform, not with your "developer agreement" where you don't even allow us to develop VoIP apps! How are you even thinking to compete with Android or other smartphone platforms with such a restriction?
We came in peace, and our only mission was to make 8110 better. But instead of your understanding and cooperation, we only faced blatant resistance. You ignored community requests, you ignored developers' offers, and you changed the update keys to render our patches non-functional. You even spread some misinformation about the device itself (e.g. that maximum capacity of microSD card supported by 8110 4G is 32 GB, while in reality FAT32-formatted 64GB cards work just perfect). You must understand that you're resisting the unstoppable and postponing the inevitable.
Someone had written on the official Nokia forum that he was already using WhatsApp on his 8110. This is not a speculation, this is the truth. A globally ready version of WhatsApp is already available for our unofficial installation method. We, enthusiasts from different parts of the world, did this work for you. And you don't even bother to release WhatsApp officially while it already has been available for JioPhone, another KaiOS-based phone, for about half a year. This is our latest statement that we can still change things.
Moreover, we are observing the same situation of totally poor support for other, more simple, Series 30+ based Nokia feature phones. Users still have no official way to import those famous 2000 contacts into the Nokia 105, 106, 130 etc. Nokia PC Suite is gone and they got no replacement for it. So they again have to use our unofficial tools, NokiaTool and TekBuster, to do this. You tell them that the microUSB port in the 105 and 106 is for charging only? We, with TekBuster in our hands, can prove the opposite.
Once more we come in peace to you and hoping to start a dialogue instead of a quarrel. We're here to represent interests of millions of Nokia users that have chosen products of this great brand because of their renowned quality and now are disappointed with your actions or their absence per se. On behalf of them, we, united forces (aka Bananahackers) group,r/KaiOS Reddit community,XDA-Developers Nokia 8110 4G users community,4PDA Nokia 8110 4G users community, Nokia 8110 4G users community,Nokioteca forum community,have the following essential requests for you as the vendor of these undoubtedly great phones:
1. We need to have an official way of a boxless (using just a PC and a microUSB cable) firmware reflashing for Nokia 8110 4G and for Series 30+ based phones. This should be available not only for Windows, but for Linux and macOS as well. Also, firmware images of each version should be available via the official Nokia website.2. For 8110 4G, we need to have an ability to unlock the bootloader to replace the recovery image and/or install custom firmware. Any user doing this gives the consent on voiding the warranty but he/she should be able to do this. Also, we need fastboot mode back on 8110 4G.3. For 8110 4G, we need to have an officially supported way to sideload apps, just like .apk files for Android or like the OWA packaged app installation links (Firefox OS did have such an ability).4. For 8110 4G, we want the Developer Menu and the ability to perform privileged mode reset from within it to be enabled by default. Also, within this mode, adb root console should be enabled, like it was in Firefox OS.5. We need to have an official and cross-platform (Windows/Linux/macOS) PC Suite-like utility to manage contacts, messages and files (whenever file management is possible) for 8110 4G and especially for Series 30+ based phones.6. For 8110 4G, we need you to lift the VoIP app limitation, at least for the countries where VoIP over cellular networks is not prohibited, and start bringing WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Signal and other IM applications with fully functional voice calling functionality to the official store.7. For all feature phones, we need an official ability to remove paid pre-installed games. For 8110 4G, we also need an official ability to remove Google-related apps.8. We want you to open the source of used Linux kernel and KaiOS parts taken directly from Mozilla's Firefox OS code base to stop violating GPL and other open-source licenses. Moreover, there should be a repository where any developer can contribute to improvements of built-in KaiOS components usability and UI localizations.
We have all hope that you'll listen to our pleas as these changes would allow us to improve the device and its ecosystem much better, faster and stronger.
We're also looking forward to more classic phone remakes, like 7110, 8910, 6210 and so on. :-)
Make Nokia great again!
Yours sincerely,
Pavlo K. (Luxferre), UkraineIvan Alex HC, Salerno, ItalySylvain BLOT, FranceNguyen Thanh Nam (jkelol111), Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaDaniël Eikelenboom, NetherlandsP. Shnit, London, United KingdomVivek Goutam (AdvancedHACKERniV1), Bangalore, IndiaHossain Mohammed Shoaib, Dhaka, BangladeshJukka Korpi, Kurikka, FinlandSylvain Dumaine, Paris, FrancePeter Knight, United KingdomTanami Muller, Adelaide, AustraliaJohn-David Deubl, SwitzerlandRubén Rodrigo, Inveraray, ScotlandJan Rezny, Czech RepublicBùi Huy Minh, Hai Duong, VietnamNathan Phillipps, AustraliaMatvey Z. (matvey-nt), RussiaNikolay Bieliakov, RussiaMarcus Kolenda, GermanyJonny MacBean, United Kingdom

KaiosTech partners (August 28, 2019)

Dear KaiosTech partner,
we, customers and fans of feature phones, are immensely grateful to you for having agreed to install and distribute this operating system on your beautiful devices. With this choice, you have allowed the use of certain specific smartphone features to millions of people with different needs that are not compatible with the smartphone monopoly. Those who work in extreme conditions can rely on a very robust CAT B35, older or less technology-prone people can get these advantages from a Doro 7060, without forgetting the diffusion of the same models in America, like Doro 7050, Alcatel Cingular Flip 2 and Alcatel MyFlip.
KaiOS is an operating system born from the ashes of Firefox OS and, according to the manuals provided in various languages ​​inside the packages, is distributed as open source software with paid proprietary parts, in compliance with the EULA license.The most widespread of these devices globally, the Nokia 8110 4G, brings with it the ability to debug normally, so someone of good will, like us, a community of enthusiasts born around this device, can intervene and resolve the various problems related, with the opportunity to be able to report to the official support the deficiencies and the related corrections necessary so that this software can improve more and more.This is a software with great potential, but it is at the dawn of its evolution, as it was for Android over 10 years ago.
This letter is born as a collection of requests made by KaiOS users, and in particular by Alcatel, CAT and Doro customers who flock to our communication channels in search of unofficial help and support.As a community and as a third-party support we are naturally lacking official tools and programs that can be used officially for your devices that support the truly KaiOS platform, as open source is the heart and spirit of this operating system.On behalf of all your customers that were disappointed by malfunctions and the lack of management of your products by the sellers, evidently also due to the lack of technical knowledge and skills in this new operating system, us, united forces of:
- (aka Bananahackers),- r / KaiOS Reddit community,- Official r / KaiOS Server on Discord,- XDA-Developers, KaiOS users,- Facebook users registered on your official and local pages.
We want official tools and source code related to the open source part of the software to be released through your official websites, in order to protect consumers' rights and allow the possibility of replacing the firmware (canceling the warranty), in respect of to the open source licenses with which the phones are distributed.
Your KaiOS devices do not have specialized centers or any official support through your web portals, being a new and not bug-free software needs to be studied and supported, if not by technicians and sellers who currently do not have sufficient knowledge to support KaiOS, at least from a strong and competent community like ours, which can freely support this research and indirectly and concurrently facilitate the work of the developers of this platform.
The devices particularly affected by this request are:
- Alcatel MyFlip, sold in the United States without the KaiOS Store and services related to Google;- Doro 7060, sold in Europe and redistributed under various brands that are not interested in regularly issuing official updates, is joined by the Doro 7070, sold in Sweden, and the Doro 7050, sold in the United States without the KaiOS Store and without services related to Google;- CAT B35, sold in European countries and without official support as in the case of all other KaiOS devices.
We also forward the request to all the other companies that produce these fantastic phones to do the same.The growth of a software depends on the support of more interested parties.
We as consumers are the first to deserve protection, and KaiOS has so much potential that it only needs to be discovered.As a community of users we act out of pure passion of this software, and in the pure interest of protecting ourselves where your interests do not only produce phones, but also disappointment.This disappointment arises precisely from your absence as a service company towards us consumers.
With this letter we hope that all our requests will be accepted by you all.It is in your best interest as a company that must protect your credibility, and in our interest as customers because we should be the first interest for you.
Thanks for your attention.Sincerely yours:
Ivan Alex HC, Salerno, ItalyHossain Mohammed Shoaib, Dhaka , BangladeshDevik (aka Fan of G.K), Northern State, IndiaPavlo K. (aka Luxferre), UkraineVivek Goutam (aka AdvancedHACKERniV1), Bangalore, IndiaBùi Huy Minh (aka HMTheBoy154), Hai Duong, VietnamElnur K., RussiaSylvain D., Paris, FrancePavel Melnik, Moscow, RussiaMonish Ali, Up West, IndiaGulshan ,Haryana,IndiaMendel G. Miami, FL, USADaniel Eikelenboom, NetherlandsAbel Binoop, UKFarooq Karimi Zadeh, Bandar Abbas, IranCereal, Puerto RicoUday Dindukurthi, IndiaRitik Patel, IndiaNguyen Thanh Nam (a.k.a jkelol111), Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMartin Svec, Praha, CZTahareini, London, UKRitesh Kumar Pandey (aka Mr Indian Technologist), IndiaIsmail M., JordanRichard Novotny, Prague, CZGlenn G., FranceP. Shnit, London, UKY. Green, London,UKSoham V. Joshi, Maharashtra, IndiaAbhisek, Punjab, IndiaPeter Zhuo, China (PRC)Stanley Ndagi, Nairobi, Kenyaand much more on

Doro AB (September 17, 2019)

Dear Doro AB,

I contact you to report a problem common to all Doro brand devices released in Italy with the TIM brand: the update to KaiOS 2.5.1 with support for WhatsApp has not arrived yet!
The update has arrived in other countries of the world already in June, if I am not mistaken, on Doro 7060 and Doro 7070 (the Swedish variant), and presents WhatsApp at the center of the menu and various improvements.
On the Facebook italian page you responded to a user that a dedicated update will be available for Doro 7060 with the TIM brand... we are in mid-September and nothing has happened yet.
If you can't find a solution to the problem I can help you:
This time I don't want to syndicate the right to open source software parts or the lack of tools to repair and intervene in case of malfunctions. KaiOS is a new operating system, without official support, and data are missing even on your Doro official websites in various languages.
The TIM brand in the files /system/media/\t system prevent the official update.When the OTA package is downloaded it undergoes various tests of compliance with the structure from the file to the system ROM. When this verification fails the update is prevented, and with it the possibility of download others.
The Doro 7060 is the most expensive KaiOS device yet, but due to the shape it has and the various keys make it a perfect phone for seniors who want to access WhatsApp and voice assistant. It is absurd that there is no support for this device! Nor is it a way to access it to correct any complications such as those mentioned above.
I have a collaborator from Germany with my same device but updated, we could solve the situation in short, but we don't have the necessary tools that should be provided by you, for a complete support.
You have launched new devices on September 5th, but for a whole year WhatsApp was promised on Doro 7060. I humbly ask you to intervene as a company towards your disappointed customers, and to forward this message to the proper authorities.
I study KaiOS devices, currently on my forum are supported Nokia 8110 4G, Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2, Alcatel Cingular Flip 2, Positivo P70S, CAT B35 and MTN Smart.
If it can console you the Doro 7060 is still being studied to load third-party apps, get the jailbreak and the root. The other devices I mentioned do not have these problems.
And I stress "problems" because them are devices that we buy, and you companies earn ... but where is our protection?Where is the support? Where did the promises you made in the advertising campaign are gone?
I just want to point out that third-party support was indirectly approved by HMD for Nokia 8110 4G (the perfect KaiOS phone for developers) and also for the new 2720 available in October (we have confirmations from our sources) and many other KaiOS devices!Even Positivo Tecnologia, from Brazil, has contacted its users who have requested to activate debugging and develop apps on their phones!
This is called support! This means loving customers!
For the last time I ask you to resolve this problem, at least for the users who have trusted in you and who have found themselves cheated by the advertisements made on your device! Because the mark on the device is DORO, not TIM.
Let put an end to this shame!
Best regards
Ivan Alex HC, forum, site