Universal method

In this section you will find two different procedures to get root / jailbreak on your KaiOS phone.

All you have to do is patching the userdata.img file from your PC.

These methods are safe and does not break official updates, but you must be able to do this! Anyway this method is not needed if your device is able to perform ADB debugging, in that case take referring to the official jailbreak method.

Before starting

Using EDL.PY for your device (for example your-firehose-x0000b.mbn) you must know how to:

  • First get the partition table layout with -printgpt option:
python3 edl.py -loader your-firehose-x0000b.mbn -printgpt
  • Backup any partition from the device with -r [partname] [filename] option. For instance (in our case we need to work on "userdata"):
python3 edl.py -loader your-firehose-x0000b.mbn -r recovery userdata.img
  • To erase the partition, supply the -e [partname] option:
python3 edl.py -loader your-firehose-x0000b.mbn -e userdata
  • To flash the new partition image, supply the -w [partname] [filename] option:
python3 edl.py -loader your-firehose-x0000b.mbn -w userdata userdata.img

Choose one of the following methods

normalizing the phone to work as a stock KaiOS / Firefox OS device with ADB and DevTools

this method explains how to patch OmniSD on the data partition manually

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